Nico Rosberg taunts McLaren after ban

Formula 1 teams have revealed their concerns about Nico Rosberg’s ‘selfie curse’ after it hit twice in one weekend.

Former Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg has once again found himself at the center of a captivating and quirky phenomenon – his notorious “selfie curse.” 

The German racing legend has been linked to bringing bad luck to teams he takes selfies with, and this time, it seems that McLaren is in the crosshairs of his magical power!

During Saturday’s qualifying session, Rosberg confidently snapped a selfie with Max Verstappen’s garage, only for fate to intervene as Lewis Hamilton snatched the pole position from the Dutch driver by a mere 0.003 seconds after a breathtaking lap. 

Little did anyone know that this was just the beginning of the unfolding drama.

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On race day, Rosberg repeated his selfie antics, this time in front of Hamilton’s garage. 

The outcome was no less astonishing as Verstappen quickly seized the lead on the very first lap of Sunday’s race, dimming Hamilton’s hopes of securing his first victory since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

As the race concluded and F1 fans buzzed with speculation, accusations were hurled at Rosberg, blaming his “selfie curse” for “jinxing” Hamilton and the McLaren team’s chances. 

The mysterious connection between Rosberg’s selfies and subsequent misfortunes of the teams involved has been a topic of both amusement and fascination in the motorsport community.

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Responding to the mounting evidence of Rosberg’s peculiar influence, the McLaren team humorously decided to take matters into their own hands. 

They announced a lighthearted but perhaps symbolic “Rosberg selfie ban” and even put up a sign outside their garage adorned with an image of the German driver alongside the words “No Rosberg selfies.”

Despite the team’s playful attempt to escape the clutches of the curse, Rosberg displayed his characteristic determination and defiance. 

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Taking to Twitter, he cheekily responded to McLaren’s ban, playfully taunting them with a cryptic message, “haha… heading to your factory for a selfie.” 

It seems that Rosberg is not one to easily back down from a challenge, even if it involves a mystical selfie curse.

As the chatter around Rosberg’s enigmatic “selfie curse” continues to reverberate across the motorsport world, one can’t help but wonder whether this is merely a fascinating coincidence or a genuinely peculiar connection.