Will Lewis Hamilton Team Up With Adrian Newey at Ferrari?

Newey discussed his reasons for leaving Red Bull in an interview with Brundle at the Miami Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton’s prospects of teaming up with Adrian Newey at Ferrari appear slim, as Karun Chandhok, former F1 driver, shared insights that suggest Newey’s departure from Red Bull is more about a break than an immediate job switch.

Newey, a pivotal figure in Red Bull Racing’s success, has declared his intention to step back from the intense world of Formula 1, beginning next year after an impressive tenure.

On the Sky Sports F1 podcast, Chandhok discussed the speculation surrounding Newey’s potential move to Ferrari.

“Whether they get Adrian Newey is still the big question mark that everyone’s waiting to see how that unfolds,” he said.

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“I genuinely believe what Adrian was saying to Martin [Brundle] in Miami, which is I think he is going to just have some time off and consider his options.”

While Newey’s future remains uncertain, Chandhok hinted that Italy might still be on the cards for the esteemed designer when he decides to return.

“Whether he finally goes there would be another story,” he added, suggesting that a move to Ferrari could eventually materialize.

Newey discussed his reasons for leaving Red Bull in an interview with Brundle at the Miami Grand Prix.

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He conveyed the exhaustive nature of F1 and his personal reflections.

“F1 is all consuming, I’ve been at it for a long time now. 2021 was a really busy year with all the title battle with Mercedes through the championship and at the same time, putting all the research and development into the RB18, which is the father of this generation of cars.

And then there comes a point where, as Forest Gump said, ‘I’m feeling a little bit tired’,” Newey explained.

He further elaborated on his thoughts about taking a sabbatical. “[I’ve been thinking about it] a little while now, and then as events have unfolded this year, I’m in the very lucky position where I don’t need to work to live, I work because I enjoy it and I just felt that now was a good time to take step back, take a bit of a break, take stock of life, go travelling a bit.”

With a clear plan to enjoy a less structured life for a while, Newey mentioned travel plans with his wife and dogs, potentially exploring France in a motorhome.

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His future in F1 remains open-ended, with no definite plans announced.

Meanwhile, Ferrari has been active in the transfer market, securing talents like Jerome d’Ambrosio and Loic Serra from Mercedes, and welcoming Hamilton to their roster next season.

The allure of working with Newey could be a significant draw for Hamilton, given Newey’s track record of success and influence in shaping competitive F1 cars.