Nico Rosberg demands apology from F1 Junior

Nico Rosberg demanded an apology during the TV coverage of the 2023 Hungarian GP.

2016 Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg was far from pleased with one of Sky’s F1 Juniors, during Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

For last weekend at the Hungaroring, Sky and F1 partnered up to put on F1’s first-ever children’s broadcast.

The broadcast team consisted of Scarlett and Braydon, who both present the Sky kids show FYI, and also young go-kart driver Zac.

The trio did an exceptional job during the Hungarian GP, with Zac having filmed a pre-race segment with seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

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Scarlett also had a great moment with Sky Sports reporter Ted Kravitz on Friday, as she stood in the pitlane for the first time.

It was a moment with Rosberg though, which resulted in Scarlett having to apologise, after she comically called the German “Britney”.

Rosberg joined the trio briefly in the commentary booth during the race, where he revealed to them a secret.

The former Mercedes star revealed that his ex-Williams team-mate Mark Webber used to call him ‘Britney’, a nickname he clearly doesn’t like.

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The nickname is a reference to pop star Britney Spears, who has a similar hairstyle to Rosberg.

After revealing the “secret”, Scarlett hilariously called Rosberg the nickname twice, something he wasn’t happy about.

Scarlett: “Good luck Britney, I hope you do well.”
Rosberg: “No Scarlett that was not cool. I share a secret there with you guys, that was not cool at all.”
Scarlett doubled down: “Thank you Britney.”
Rosberg: “Please apologise.”
Scarlett: “Sorry.”
Rosberg: “Apology accepted.”

Rosberg then left the trio before Scarlett was warned that she was “playing with fire”, by lead commentator Harry Benjamin.

Webber came up with the nickname back in 2006, on the opening lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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Rosberg went into the back of the Australian which damaged both of their cars, whilst the German went on to crash heavily.

When Webber went past his team-mate’s crash, he was informed to let Rosberg pit before him, to which the Aussie replied: “Britney’s in the wall.”

During the Hungarian GP, Rosberg also clashed with pundit Martin Brundle and Red Bull boss Christian Horner, much to the amusement of the F1 community.