Oscar Piastri and Lewis Hamilton’s fight was ‘like child’s play’

Lando Norris secured P2 in Hungary, while his teammate Oscar Piastri was forced to settle for P5.

In a thrilling Hungarian Grand Prix, Australian driver Oscar Piastri came tantalisingly close to securing his first podium but had to settle for fifth place, as Max Verstappen continued his winning streak, breaking Formula One records. 

Lando Norris impressed with a second-place finish, while Sergio Perez claimed the third spot, leaving Lewis Hamilton disappointed in fourth after starting from pole position.*

Representing McLaren this season, 21-year-old Australian driver Oscar Piastri started the race in a promising fourth position. 

Early on, he showcased his potential by running in second place, chasing the unstoppable race winner, Max Verstappen. 

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Verstappen’s victory marked an unprecedented seventh consecutive win for Red Bull, a historic achievement in Formula One.

However, as the race unfolded, Piastri faced stiff competition from his teammate Lando Norris, who executed a strategic pit stop that allowed him to overtake the young Australian driver. 

Norris expertly maintained his position, securing back-to-back podium finishes after a strong second-place result at Silverstone two weeks prior.

Sergio Perez demonstrated his skill and consistency by claiming third place, adding to Red Bull’s dominance on the podium. 

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Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton, who started the race in pole position, had a challenging outing and had to settle for a disappointing fourth-place finish.

Despite missing out on a podium finish, Piastri’s performance did not go unnoticed. Hamilton’s ability to hold off the determined Australian was acknowledged, with observers describing the battle as “looking like child’s play.”

Verstappen’s incredible victory further solidified Red Bull’s dominant form, as they secured their twelfth consecutive win in a row, setting a new record in Formula One history.

The Hungarian Grand Prix showcased the competitive spirit and talent of the young Australian driver, Oscar Piastri, who undoubtedly has a promising future ahead. 

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As a rookie with McLaren, Piastri has already displayed commendable skill and determination, and his pursuit of a podium finish serves as a testament to his potential in the sport.

With the season progressing, all eyes will be on the young drivers challenging the established stars, and Oscar Piastri’s journey in Formula One will undoubtedly be one to watch. 

As Red Bull’s Verstappen continues to dominate the championship, the competition intensifies among the other drivers, each aiming to make their mark on the sport.