Ferrari boss makes ‘very close’ admission as Lewis Hamilton linked to Mercedes exit

Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur has addressed the prospect of Lewis Hamilton joining the Italian outfit in 2024.

In the realm of Formula 1 intrigue, the spotlight often magnifies even the faintest connections, as exemplified by the camaraderie between Ferrari team boss Frederic Vasseur and the illustrious seven-time F1 champion, Lewis Hamilton. 

A friendship that has stood the test of time and shared victories has garnered attention, prompting Vasseur to set the record straight amidst media speculation.

The narrative of their relationship stretches back to the days when Hamilton was navigating the ranks of Formula 3 and Formula 2 under the Mercedes banner. 

It was during these formative years that Hamilton collaborated with Vasseur’s ART team, a partnership that ultimately culminated in championship glory. 

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The bond forged during these early endeavours has remained strong, leading to rampant conjecture given the current rumours linking Hamilton to a potential seat at Scuderia Ferrari.

In an exclusive conversation with Gazzetta dello Sport, Vasseur shares insights into the nature of his rapport with Hamilton. 

He acknowledges, “I talk to him every Grand Prix. 

“He drove for me 20 years ago, and we are still very close.” 

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The simplicity of this statement underscores the enduring connection between the two, harking back to their shared triumphs and challenges. 

Vasseur further points out the propensity of media sensationalism, stating, “Of course, the media makes a fuss when they see us together. 

“The relationship has just remained good.”

As whispers of Hamilton’s potential move to Ferrari continue to echo throughout the paddock, Vasseur’s perspective lends a more grounded understanding to their interactions. 

His candid remarks lay to rest any misconceptions surrounding the motivations behind their meetings. 

Vasseur’s clarity emphasises the genuine nature of their bond, which remains steadfast through the ever-evolving landscape of Formula 1.

Vasseur also offers his insights into the broader landscape of elite drivers in the sport. 

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He asserts, “It would make no sense to compare Hamilton to our current drivers.” 

This sentiment speaks to the unique qualities each top-tier driver brings to the table, making direct comparisons a futile exercise. 

Vasseur extends this sentiment to other luminaries of the track, such as Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, affirming that their shared passion serves as the common thread that binds them.