Christian Horner makes huge Taylor Swift claim

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has made a huge claim about Taylor Swift ahead of the 2023 Dutch GP.

The realm of Formula 1 has undergone a seismic shift in popularity, as evidenced by Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull Racing, revealing that even renowned celebrities like Taylor Swift would encounter challenges attempting to secure access to the races.

In an interview on ESPN’s “Unlapped,” Horner attributed this newfound allure to the Netflix sensation “Drive to Survive,” which has turned Formula 1 into a household phenomenon.*

Horner, during his candid conversation with Katie George, Laurence Edmondson, and Nate Saunders, underscored the dramatic transformation that has transpired in the perception of Formula 1. 

“It’s changed so much,” Horner emphasised, reflecting on how the sport’s popularity had skyrocketed. 

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Drawing a captivating comparison, he noted how just a few years ago, high-profile stars like Taylor Swift were being enlisted to attract crowds to events such as the Austin Grand Prix. 

He reminisced, “If you remember Austin a few years ago, we were having to get Taylor Swift there to get a crowd there. Now she’s lucky if she’s allowed in, if she can get a pass.”

Acknowledging the game-changing role of “Drive to Survive,” the riveting reality-style documentary series by Netflix, Horner asserted that it has revolutionised Formula 1’s outreach. 

The recently aired fifth season of the series, in particular, contributed to broadening the sport’s audience base. 

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Horner expressed, “It’s transformed the sport, it’s taken it into households it would’ve never been in previously. 

“It’s now made drivers and some team principals household names.” 

He humorously remarked that fans of diverse interests, such as “The Kardashians” and the British royal family, have now found common ground in their affinity for Formula 1.

The impact of “Drive to Survive” was especially pronounced in unexpected territories, as Horner highlighted the burgeoning popularity of Formula 1 in the United States. 

The US, he claimed, exemplifies a prime illustration of the show’s influence. “It’s been a game changer,” Horner declared, referencing the remarkable resonance the sport has found across the nation.

Amidst this whirlwind of shifting perceptions and fervent fandom, the anticipation for the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix is palpable. 

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The race, set to make its historic debut on the iconic Las Vegas Strip in November, is creating an extraordinary buzz. 

Horner exuded excitement as he contemplated the upcoming event, sharing, “The whole world is going to be watching, and hopefully we can put on a great show.” 

Describing the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix as “insane,” he projected an event that would etch its mark in Formula 1 history.