Yuki Tsunoda speaks out after Max Verstappen’s ‘all idiots’ comment

Red Bull ace Max Verstappen is comfortably leading the 2023 Drivers' Championship.

AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda has fired back in response to recent comments made by Max Verstappen, where the latter expressed that staying within track limits is more challenging than it appears. 

The ongoing debate about track limits at high-speed circuits like Spielberg and Silverstone has sparked discussions about potential solutions.

In an interview with Total-Motorsport, Tsunoda acknowledged the issue of track limits and how it affects his performance on certain tracks. 

He admitted responsibility for his laps that exceeded the white lines in Austria, acknowledging that improvement is needed in this regard. 

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Tsunoda also hinted at the possibility of a rule change to address the matter, a sentiment that gained attention after Verstappen’s critique of critics who questioned drivers’ compliance with track limits.

The FIA, the governing body of Formula 1, has taken measures to crack down on drivers who consistently exceed track limits, imposing penalties that accumulate over the course of a race, potentially impacting the final outcome.

Tsunoda emphasised, “First of all, rules are rules. 

“I shouldn’t have exceeded the white line three times in Austria, which is my problem. 

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“Some tracks are easy to follow within the white line, but with Austria and Silverstone, [at] those tracks it’s quite easy to go over the white line.” 

He suggested a potential modification to the rules, proposing penalties for going over the curb or placing the front wheels beyond the white line.

Max Verstappen, addressing the topic after the Hungarian Grand Prix, expressed empathy for fellow drivers who face criticism for not adhering to track limits. 

He remarked, “Of course, people can say: ‘Yeah then stay within the white lines’. 

“Well if it was that easy then you can take my car and try it. 

“I don’t think we’re all idiots.” 

Verstappen’s comments shed light on the intricacies and challenges of maintaining strict track limits, particularly during intense competition.

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While there’s an argument that successful navigation through the tight confines of Monaco showcases drivers’ ability to stay within boundaries, the situation is different on other tracks. 

The relentless pursuit of time and the intensity of racing make it a constant struggle for drivers to suppress their natural instincts.

With upcoming races at Zandvoort and Monza following the summer break, the FIA’s focus on track limits remains prominent, as the governing body cracks down, while drivers call for lenience.