Was Max Verstappen’s pole position attempt ‘overrated as hell’?

Max Verstappen was set for pole position at the 2021 Saudi Arabian GP, before crashing at the final corner.

Max Verstappen is certainly performing at the top of his game, with the reigning world champion already looking unstoppable after just one round of the 2023 season.

Despite a challenging few free practice sessions at the Bahrain Grand Prix, it was business as usual come qualifying and the race, both of which he claimed the number one spot.

Nobody came close to toppling the imperious Dutchman, with many already fearing that the 25-year-old is going to obliterate the field just like he did last season.

Verstappen is certainly well on his way to greatness and joining the most decorated drivers in Formula 1, given that he’ll match Ayrton Senna’s and Niki Lauda’s three world titles, should he be victorious once again this season.

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Despite his endless success over the last couple of years, though, some still believe that the Red Bull star is “overrated”.

A clip of Verstappen’s famous Q3 lap from the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix resurfaced on social media, where it was hailed as “one of the greatest laps” ever, had he actually finished it.

Verstappen was on absolute rails on his final lap in Q3, as he attempted to pip title rival Lewis Hamilton to pole position.

Eliminated drivers watched on in the media pen in disbelief, with Fernando Alonso having paused an interview so that he could watch Verstappen’s sensational attempt at pole.

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He ultimately hit the barrier on the exit of the final corner, ending his session and his hopes of pole.

Nevertheless, Verstappen for certain had millions of fans on the edge of their seats.

“I will never get over how Max was just one corner away from finishing one of the greatest qualifying laps we’ve all ever seen,” wrote @FM1_3316 on Twitter.

Despite how close Verstappen came to delivering the remarkable lap, one fan believes that the lap was “overrated as hell”, just like his “career”.

A fan argued that Hamilton’s pole position lap at the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix was “infinitely more skilful”, with it being regarded as one of the greatest laps of all-time.

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“Like the rest of Max’s career. Overrated to hell,” stated @Ben_F1.

“Nearly binned it twice and wasn’t in control of his car, was lucky to even make it to the final corner.

“Lewis at Singapore ‘18 was precisely on the edge but remained in control. Infinitely more skilful.”