Alex Albon Mocks David Croft as ‘Boring Old Man’

This quip came after Albon learned from reporter Ted Kravitz that Croft was not fond of his unique panda-themed helmet.

During a light-hearted interaction at the Chinese Grand Prix, Formula 1 driver Alex Albon playfully labeled Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft as “a boring old man.”

This quip came after Albon learned from reporter Ted Kravitz that Croft was not fond of his unique panda-themed helmet.

Albon’s helmet, inspired by a visit to a panda sanctuary in Chengdu with his partner Lily Muani He, featured black and white panda details, including eyes and a smiling mouth above and beneath the visor.

This design, one of the season’s most memorable, was well-received by fans and commentators.

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Kravitz engaged with Albon about the future of this distinctive helmet during a segment on Sky Sports F1, expressing his admiration: “What will happen to the panda helmet, I want to know.

Will you keep it? The best thing of the weekend is your panda helmet. What’s going to happen to it?”

To this, Albon responded with humor, initially saying it would go “Straight on eBay,” followed by laughter and a quick reassurance that he was joking.

When Kravitz suggested the helmet deserved a place of pride, Albon inquired if Croft had expressed any negative opinions about it, prompting Kravitz’s surprise and confirmation of Croft’s disapproval.

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Albon’s playful guess about Croft’s sentiment highlighted the lighthearted exchange.

Despite the attention his helmet received, Albon’s performance at the Shanghai International Circuit was less noteworthy.

He finished in 12th place, failing to break into the top ten.

His Williams teammate, Logan Sargeant, faced even tougher challenges, finishing last among those who completed the race and receiving a ten-second penalty for overtaking under the safety car conditions.

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This Grand Prix concluded with Williams and their team principal, James Vowles, facing continued challenges, as they struggled to earn points, lagging behind their competitors like Haas.

Nico Hulkenberg of Haas managed to secure the last point available, highlighting the competitive gap Williams must bridge.

As one of the three teams yet to score in the 2024 season, alongside Alpine and Sauber, Williams has significant ground to recover.