This is how you can watch Lewis Hamilton’s first-ever podcast

Other than podcasts that are directly affiliated with Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton has never appeared on a public podcast.

The media can be a powerful tool for Formula 1 drivers, with more and more choosing to use podcasts as a channel to express their thoughts.

Despite his regular use of social media to spread awareness about important issues, Lewis Hamilton has never appeared on a podcast which his has not been contractually obliged to do so.

The 38-year-old has appeared on the Beyond the Grid podcast back in 2018 but it is understood that this was not out of choice, as the podcast is officially a part of Formula 1.

The Brit also fails to appear in quite a few videos the Formula 1 YouTube channel, suggesting that Hamilton prefers not to take part in these media days unless he is required to.

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This is all about to change however, as an episode of On Purpose with Jay Shetty has just aired, featuring the seven-time world champion.

“I can’t wait for you guys to hear this episode of On Purpose with @lewishamilton,” posted Shetty on social media.

“We dive into his childhood and he shares with us a totally different perspective on finding your own purpose. Truly honoured that Lewis did his first ever podcast recording with us and it does not disappoint! Available everywhere Monday.”

A preview of the podcast was also posted on social media, revealing that Hamilton will open up on his upbringing and just what it means to him to have achieved everything that he has in Formula 1.

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“The easiest thing to do is give up. The hardest thing is to keep going, but we have to,” Hamilton says in the preview.

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“All the struggles of questioning whether you were going to make it or not and all those doubts, all those fears kinds of flashed between my eyes and came across the line, I did it. And I want the kids out there to know that you can do it too.”

Whether this will be the beginning of an increased media presence for Hamilton or not remains to be seen, but with everything the Brit does to make the world a better place, podcast appearances could be a very good idea for him.

Hamilton’s podcast debut aired on Monday, leaving fans scrambling to hear just what the 38-year-old had to say.