Horner Denies Verstappen Contract Clause Linked to Newey Amid Departure Speculations

While there exists a known break clause in Verstappen's agreement linked to Dr. Helmut Marko, Horner has refuted the presence of a similar provision associated with Newey.

Christian Horner has firmly rejected any notion of a clause in Max Verstappen’s Red Bull contract pertaining to Adrian Newey.

The impending departure of the team’s chief technical officer in early 2025 has ignited a fresh round of speculation within the F1 paddock regarding Verstappen’s future, despite his existing contract extending until the close of 2028.

While there exists a known break clause in Verstappen’s agreement linked to Dr. Helmut Marko, Horner has refuted the presence of a similar provision associated with Newey.

“Max’s contract will remain confidential, but there are no clauses that tie Adrian [Newey] in any manner to Max [Verstappen],” affirmed the Red Bull team principal in conversation with Sky Sports F1.

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“They have maintained a strong relationship over the years, as have our past drivers.

“However, Max comprehends the deliberate planning behind this transition; it’s not impulsive.

“The framework remains unchanged with Adrian’s reduced involvement.”

The uncertainty surrounding Newey’s departure, compounded by existing speculations regarding internal team dynamics at Red Bull, has purportedly left Verstappen’s camp uncertain about his allegiance to the Milton Keynes-based squad.

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Speculation surrounding Verstappen’s future surfaced early in the season amidst internal power struggles at Red Bull, a situation believed to have influenced Newey’s resignation.

Past insinuations suggested tensions between Verstappen’s management, including his father Jos, and Horner.

The turbulence stemming from now-disregarded accusations against Horner has fueled such conjecture.

Recent weeks have seen a surge in Verstappen-related rumors, with Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff seemingly fanning the flames of discontent.

The announcement of Newey’s impending departure has further exacerbated the situation, prompting recent reports of a purported €150 million deal being tabled for the Dutch driver.

Horner responded wryly to the latest speculations, remarking, “You report those murmurings every week, yet he remains here.”

“Max is content within the team; he’s surrounded by an exceptional group of engineers and possesses a phenomenal car — the premier car on the grid.

“He’s delivering the performance of his career.”

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“It’s not about contracts; it’s about contentment, a sentiment shared by any driver.

“He possesses that contentment, that synergy around him.

“What you witness is a driver thriving in that environment.”