Lewis Hamilton Confident in Move to Ferrari, Dismisses Need for Vindication

As the 2024 season progresses, Hamilton has faced persistent inquiries about his imminent transition, especially with Ferrari's notably strong performance early in the season.

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, recently addressed the buzz surrounding his upcoming shift from Mercedes to Ferrari, stating that the decision does not require “vindicating.”

Hamilton’s announcement in February about his move next season, concluding his 12-year stint with Mercedes, took the sports world by surprise.

As the 2024 season progresses, Hamilton has faced persistent inquiries about his imminent transition, especially with Ferrari’s notably strong performance early in the season.

Speaking in Shanghai before the Chinese Grand Prix, Hamilton expressed confidence in his choice. “I don’t feel like I need my decision vindicating,” he remarked.

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“I know what was right for me, and that hasn’t changed since the moment that I made the decision.

“There’s not been a moment where I questioned it, and I’m not swayed by other people’s comments.”

This marks only the second team change in Hamilton’s Formula 1 career, the first being his move from McLaren to Mercedes in 2012.

He plans to use the experience from his previous team switch to navigate his current situation.

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Hamilton noted, “Even today, there’s people continuing to talk **** and it will continue on for the rest of the year.

“And I’ll have to just do what I did the previous time.

“Only you can know what’s right for you and it will be an exciting time for me.”

Hamilton has signed a multi-year contract with Ferrari that extends through at least the end of 2026, aligning with the introduction of new engine and design regulations.

These changes could potentially shake up the current dynamics, which have seen Red Bull’s dominance since 2022.

When asked about the possibility of Ferrari capitalizing on these new regulations to provide him with a championship-capable car, Hamilton responded optimistically about his career’s longevity.

“I’m going to be racing well into my forties,” he affirmed. “So yeah, it’s no short-term thing.”

Additionally, Hamilton commented on Fernando Alonso’s recent contract extension with Aston Martin until 2026.

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Hamilton, who had a famously strained partnership with Alonso at McLaren in 2007, welcomed the continuation of his long-time rival’s career.

“I’m going to be racing for quite some time still, so it’s definitely good that he (Alonso) is still around,” Hamilton said.

“I hope that he keeps going for a little bit longer as well.”