Team principal tells Lewis Hamilton Red Bull don’t want him because of Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton has expressed his desire to sign a multi-year extension with Mercedes, but his current deal expires in a few months.

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton could be facing an incredibly difficult situation, with Haas team principal Guenther Steiner having admitted that he has no idea where the Briton could go should he leave Mercedes.

Hamilton’s contract with the Silver Arrows is set to expire at the end of this season, and whilst a new deal is expected to be signed at some point this year, Steiner has revealed that the “other top three cars” aren’t interested in signing the 38-year-old.

Hamilton and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff have revealed to the media that an extension will be agreed this season, but the likelihood is that Hamilton won’t be able to expect the same levels of success that he’s used to with the Germans.

Times have certainly changed in F1 since the new aerodynamic regulations were introduced, with Red Bull having returned to being the most dominant team.

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Hamilton has shared his intent on winning an eighth title with Mercedes but in all honesty that currently doesn’t look likely, based on the Austrians advantage.

Steiner seemingly views it the same way, with the Italian admitting that “your team cannot always win”.

“Your team cannot always just win,” Steiner told the Daily Mail.

“It’s human. It’s a competition. Formula One is not Formula Mercedes! Mercedes had eight good years and nothing is forever, as we all know.

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“Being surprised or not accepting that you go backwards is something I find very strange.

“You need to regroup and try again. But you cannot expect or demand to be [the best]… because we won it eight times now we are going to win it nine times. No.

“And the same for Lewis. You spent eight years in the best or one of the best cars and you won championships. You cannot always win, and also you lost the championship once to your team-mate as well in that time. Never forget that one. Your team cannot always win.”

Many pundits believe that Hamilton’s only chance of claiming an unprecedented eighth world title would be if he left Mercedes for the likes of Red Bull, but Steiner doesn’t see where the 103-time race winner could even go should he opt to ditch the Silver Arrows.

“Where could he go? Honestly, I don’t know,” Steiner admitted.

“Red Bull have put everything on Max. Max is their man. Why would they now change Max for Lewis?”

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Steiner is in no way “doubting Lewis’ capability” with him still being viewed as one of the greatest drivers of all-time; however, the Haas boss believes that it’s clearly a view shared by the paddock that Mercedes is his only option, with the Germans rivals not being interested in the Briton.

“When you are the principal or when you’re running a team, you don’t want to entertain you guys,” he added. “You want to entertain yourself of being World Champion.

“I’m not doubting Lewis’ capability but I just say, I don’t see it because the people which have the other top three cars are not looking at Lewis.”