2022 Monaco Grand Prix

FIA change key rule after Ferrari complained about Max Verstappen

Ahead of the first race of the 2023 season in Bahrain, the FIA have updated the wording of a rule in the International Sporting Code, following an issue at the Monaco Grand Prix last season. Ferrari filed a complaint to the FIA last season at Monaco directed at Red Bull and double World Champion Max


Max Verstappen responds to Sergio Perez Monaco conspiracy

Tensions in the Red Bull camp are at an all time high, despite the team having wrapped up both championships going into the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi. Max Verstappen refused to allow his teammate Sergio Perez to pass him on the final lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix, despite being asked


Sergio Perez’s unsporting tactic exposed

The Red Bull camp is fractured, with the relationship between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez reaching an all-time low in Brazil. The pair have always been seen as a strong duo since the Mexican arrived at the team last season, with there being very little visible friction between them over the past two seasons. It


Red Bull pinpoint why Sergio Perez is struggling against Max Verstappen

It seems like a lifetime ago when Red Bull’s Sergio Pérez was being tipped as a championship contender against team-mate Max Verstappen; however, fast forward four months and the Mexican couldn’t be any further from his dominant team-mate. Pérez started the season magnificently and even claimed a famous victory at the Monaco Grand Prix. Monaco


IndyCar driver criticises Formula 1 racers over safety ‘cop-out’

Former F1 and now IndyCar driver Alexander Rossi has called current Formula 1 drivers’ excuse for not racing on ovals a “cop-out”, with the American highlighting that no cars “split in half” during the Indy 500. Rossi drove for the now folded Manor-Marussia for five races in 2015, before leaving the team to venture back


Watch: Daniel Ricciardo flips off a fan in Monaco

McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo was seen jokingly raising his middle finger at a fan on a balcony before the Monaco Grand Prix. The drivers were on the back of a truck undertaking their customary pre-race track parade to wave to the fans, thank them for their support, and give some interviews on their way round. While

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