Max Verstappen responds to Sergio Perez Monaco conspiracy

Sergio Perez has been accused of purposefully causing a red flag during qualifying at Monaco earlier this year.

Tensions in the Red Bull camp are at an all time high, despite the team having wrapped up both championships going into the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi.

Max Verstappen refused to allow his teammate Sergio Perez to pass him on the final lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix, despite being asked to do so over the team radio multiple times, stating that he had his reasons and that the team are fully aware of them.

It has been rumoured that the 25-year-old’s reasons relate back to Monaco, where Perez had provisional pole and the caused a dubious red flag, which cemented the Mexican’s position at the front of the grid and condemned his teammate to P4.

At a circuit where track position is everything, Perez went on to win the race while Verstappen made up a place to finish on the podium, and when asked if Perez’s qualifying incident in Monaco was the reason for his actions in Brazil, Verstappen refused to comment.

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Since these rumours have begun, footage has resurfaced of the crash, showing Perez makes a harsh stab at the throttle mid turn which causes the spin.

He then appears to make zero effort to correct himself, almost seeming happy to stay facing the wrong way rather than making another stab at the throttle to spin the car back around and carry on.

While the footage does look very suspicious and has raised the eyebrows of Jolyon Palmer, a former F1 driver turned pundit, it now seems highly unlikely that Perez will face any further investigation of the incident unless some more conclusive evidence emerges in the coming days.

It had been previously suggested that the 32-year-old could face retrospective punishment for what happened in Monaco, but with nothing being admitted by Perez himself, and an onboard camera being the only evidence available, it looks as if the Mexican is in the clear.

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Perez was outraged after his teammate refused to help him in his battle for P2 in the drivers’ championship and even suggested that Verstappen owes a lot to him for his two title wins, after he played the ultimate team game to ensure that the Dutchman beat Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi last year.

Christian Horner has confirmed that ‘clear the air’ talks have taken place between the two drivers, and that should Perez require some wingman support form Verstappen in Abu Dhabi, the 25-year-old will be on hand to help him out, no questions asked.

If Verstappen is happy to help out in Abu Dhabi, it raises the question as to why he was so adamant to cause a scene in Brazil in what was a meaningless race for him, but it will be seen this weekend if the Dutchman will stick to his word.