‘They can’t keep on at him’: Vettel fires warning at Haas over Schumacher criticism

Sebastian Vettel believes criticism of Mick Schumacher is unjustified as he states where Haas are letting the young German down.

Mick Schumacher’s future in Formula 1 is becoming evermore uncertain, after a recent falling out with Haas team principal Guenther Steiner.

However, both Sebastian Vettel and Ralf Schumacher have vocalised their support of the young German who needs the team “to have his back”.

Tensions between Schumacher and Steiner grew after the Monaco GP, where for the second time this season Schumacher crashed heavily, breaking his car in two as he did in Saudi Arabia.

This crash left Steiner visibly annoyed, resulting in the Haas boss speaking publicly about Schumacher.

Steiner has been very critical of the 23-year-old, who is still yet to score his first point in the championship.

Four-time World Champion and close friend of Michael Schumacher Vettel has spoken out in support of the young German, calling for Haas to get behind their driver.

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“Criticism is justified in this regard,” Vettel said.

“But they can’t keep on at him. They also need to say something when things go well.”

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Following Schumacher’s crash at Monaco, Steiner yet again spoke in public about the German driver; sending him a public warning not to crash in Azerbaijan.

This clearly diminished Schumacher’s confidence, after the German qualified dead last in Baku and went on to finish fourteenth in a situation he called “stupid”.

Vettel discussed his own experiences, as he explained how a driver struggles to improve whilst their own team is publicly against them.

We all drive at the limit,” Vettel revealed.

“That something can go wrong is part of it.

“I think in that situation, you should do everything you can to have your driver’s back. From my own experience, it’s not easy when the team keeps at you.”

Ralf Schumacher, uncle of the German driver, believes it’s just as much the team’s fault as it is his nephew’s over his performance.

The former BMW and Toyota F1 driver recognises that Schumacher needs to be beating or at least matching team-mate Kevin Magnussen, however, he also insists the team aren’t helping by delaying their first set of upgrades.

“Haas’ goal must be to bring an update to the car as early as possible,” he told Sky Deutschland.

“I heard that unfortunately it won’t come before the French GP, which is a delay that makes life harder for everyone.

“Still, Mick has to be as fast as or faster than his teammate,” Schumacher acknowledged.

“If he is faster than Magnussen, things will look better for him again.”