Susie Wolff disappointed by lack of support

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are the only drivers to have spoken to the F1 Academy paddock this weekend.

F1 Academy managing director Susie Wolff has admitted that it’s a “little bit sad” how little the Formula 1 drivers interact with the girls in the championship, with the exception being Lewis Hamilton.

For the F1 Academy finale, the all-female series are on the support card for this weekend’s United States Grand Prix, whilst it’s also the first time in its inaugural season that it’s been televised live.

This is all set to change next season, as all of the championship’s rounds will be part of the F1 support bill.

Hamilton has been a huge supporter of the F1 Academy and was also a big believer in W Series, which entered administration earlier in the year.

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Just this weekend, the seven-time World Champion has been spotted spending time with the female drivers competing at the Circuit of the Americas, giving them great advice and just showing general support.

George Russell has also been spotted talking to some of the drivers this weekend; however, that is it when it comes to the F1 grid.

Wolff is disappointed by this given that it’s the first time this year that the F1 Academy has been in the F1 paddock.

As well as this, Wolff expected a “lot more interaction” from the F1 teams, given the fact that each outfit will have an F1 Academy driver represent them in 2024 and use their livery.

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She was quick to praise Hamilton though, with her sharing that the Mercedes driver can in many ways relate to the female drivers.

“It’s a little bit sad that it’s always Lewis,” Wolff told Sky Sports F1. “He’s always the one offering support, coming over and really, because I think in the end, he knows what it’s like to be the only one and so he has an affinity.

“But there’s going to be the 10 F1 teams with their own livery, so I expect a lot more interaction from the F1 teams generally next season because they have the platforms, they have the voices and I think that’s something which will be hugely helpful because this is not a short-term project. If we want to see success, it’s got to be long term.”