Revealed: Max Verstappen’s booze-filled celebration

Details have emerged of Max Verstappen's jubilant celebration following his third Drivers' Championship title, featuring a spirited evening of gin and tonic.

After securing his third Drivers’ Championship title at the Qatar Grand Prix, Max Verstappen indulged in an exuberant celebration that included five gin and tonics, according to reports. 

The Dutch racing sensation sealed his championship victory before the race and opted to commemorate his remarkable feat with a spirited night out.

Verstappen needed just three points to claim his third world title, a feat he comfortably accomplished by finishing in second place, right behind McLaren’s Oscar Piastri, in a thrilling 19-lap race around the Lusail International Circuit. 

The additional seven points, combined with Sergio Perez’s unfortunate crash, solidified Verstappen’s status as a three-time world champion.

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In the aftermath of the victory, The Standard reported that the 26-year-old driver candidly revealed in a team debrief that he enjoyed “five gin and tonics” on the Saturday night before the race. 

Gin and tonic is known to be Verstappen’s favourite alcoholic beverage. 

He playfully remarked that he sweated out the effects of the drinks in the scorching conditions of Qatar after securing his 49th race win.

Yuki Tsunoda, the AlphaTauri driver, disclosed earlier this year that Verstappen had introduced him to the popular gin and tonic drink, a refreshing blend of tonic water and gin, often garnished with lime slices. 

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It is a favoured choice among athletes due to its pleasing taste and relatively low calorie content.

During the team debrief, it was reported that Verstappen joined remotely from his residence in Monaco, where he appeared to be in high spirits, reflecting the night’s celebrations. 

His image was even featured on screen, and cardboard cut-outs of the Red Bull ace attracted attention as staff eagerly lined up for selfies.

Despite his commanding lead of 209 points over his closest rival, Sergio Perez, after securing the title, Verstappen expressed humility and gratitude towards “every member” of the team. 

He confirmed his unwavering commitment to Red Bull for the long term, stating, “It feels like a second family to me. 

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“Loyalty is very important to me. 

“My dream is to stay with the team until the end. It’s way better than I ever could imagine.”

In the current F1 season, Verstappen has dominated, winning 14 out of 17 races in 2023. He has the potential to match the record he set last year for the most race wins in a single season.