Jos Verstappen Breaks Silence on Adrian Newey’s Potential Red Bull Exit and Max Verstappen’s Future

Jos Verstappen expressed confidence in Max's current position but acknowledged the importance of planning for the future.

Jos Verstappen, father of Max Verstappen, has broken his silence on the potential departure of Red Bull’s chief technology officer, Adrian Newey.

Reports suggest that the 65-year-old design chief may part ways with the team before the end of his contract, citing internal power struggles as the reason.

Jos Verstappen had previously voiced concerns about the turmoil within Red Bull, calling for the dismissal of team principal Christian Horner amidst allegations of misconduct, although Horner was subsequently cleared after an internal investigation.

While an appeal is reportedly ongoing, the controversy has cast a shadow over Red Bull’s season despite their continued dominance, with Max Verstappen poised for a fourth consecutive world title.

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The looming exit of Adrian Newey, who played a pivotal role in designing the cars that secured Verstappen’s victories, has sparked apprehension about the team’s future.

Jos Verstappen acknowledged the significance of Newey’s talent and expressed concern about Red Bull’s potential loss.

In an interview with Racexpress, Jos Verstappen refrained from speculating on the situation, emphasizing his lack of knowledge beyond Newey’s existing contract with Red Bull until 2025.

He praised Newey’s accomplishments and expertise, recognizing his invaluable contributions to the team.

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Regarding Max Verstappen’s future, Jos Verstappen revealed that despite being contracted to Red Bull until 2028, all options are being considered.

Max Verstappen has maintained his focus on his car’s performance, asserting that it will ultimately dictate his decisions.

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However, Jos Verstappen acknowledged the need to assess other teams, particularly in light of forthcoming regulation changes in 2026 expected to favor competitors like Mercedes and Ferrari.

Jos Verstappen expressed confidence in Max’s current position but acknowledged the importance of planning for the future.

While acknowledging the desirability of Max to other teams, Jos Verstappen emphasized the need to remain calm and evaluate all possibilities as events unfold.