Sergio Perez tears apart Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton was hit with penalties from the stewards after his incident with Sergio Perez during Saturday’s sprint.

Tensions flared between Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton as the pair clashed on track during the sprint, leading to Perez’s retirement from the race and a penalty for Hamilton. 

The incident occurred during the faster-paced event at the circuit when the Mercedes and Red Bull drivers found themselves side by side, resulting in light contact between the two.

Hamilton’s overtaking manoeuvre saw him get passed Perez but, in the process, he damaged the Mexcian’s sidepod, forcing the Red Bull to end the race early.

The stewards swiftly intervened and imposed a five-second penalty on the seven-time world champion for being deemed responsible for causing the collision.

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Frustration and emotions were high as the sprint race concluded, with Sergio Perez taking the opportunity to express his discontent with the incident. 

In a post-race interview, Perez lashed out at Hamilton, accusing him of rushing into the overtaking move, which he believed ultimately ruined his chances in the race.

“Hamilton was in such a hurry to pass me, and he just ruined my race,” Perez stated with a clear sense of disappointment. 

“There was no need for him to be so aggressive at that point, and now I had to retire because of the damage caused.”

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The incident has added fuel to the already intense rivalry between Mercedes and Red Bull. 

Following the collision, opinions were divided among fans and experts, with some supporting Hamilton’s aggressive approach, while others sided with Perez’s frustration at the risk taken during the sprint race.

The collision and subsequent penalty for Hamilton have reignited the debate on the limits of aggressive driving in Formula 1. 

While Perez expressed his anger at the situation, Hamilton also had his say on the matter after the race. 

He acknowledged the incident, admitting that it was a risky move, but maintained that he saw an opportunity and decided to take it.

“It was a close call, and I knew there was a chance of contact, but I believed it was a calculated risk worth taking,” Hamilton explained. “In the heat of the moment, you have to make quick decisions, and unfortunately, this one didn’t work out as intended.”

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Despite the frustrating situation on Saturday, Perez and Hamilton both enjoyed a more successful outing on the Sunday.

While the Mexican took P2, 22 seconds behind his teammate, Hamilton secured P4 and a crucial 13 points in the battle between Mercedes and Aston Martin in the Constructors’ battle.

Unfortunately for both, Max Verstappen proud unstoppable despite his P6 start, winning his 8th straight Grand Prix for a row, stamping his dominance on the sport.