Sergio Perez reveals if he’ll continue to help Max Verstappen after Brazil tensions

Sergio Pérez's lead over Charles Leclerc for second in the Drivers' Championship was wiped out following disobedience from Max Verstappen.

Sergio Pérez will be leaving the Brazilian Grand Prix perhaps feeling betrayed by team-mate Max Verstappen, after the Dutchman appeared to demonstrate that there is in fact an ‘I’ in team.

The Mexican had been looking set all race for a podium finish, having run second or third throughout the race.

He was put into a difficult situation, though, as the race reached its climax, as the Mexican found himself on the Medium compound during a late Safety Car.

This massively impacted Checo, who then found himself being swamped by those around him on the Softs.

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Pérez quickly tumbled to sixth, where he then found himself being asked to let Verstappen past.

Verstappen was told that he would have to give the place back unless he was able to overtake either Fernando Alonso or Charles Leclerc, who Pérez is battling for second in the Drivers’ Championship.

Despite being unable to pass either, Verstappen defied further orders from the team and crossed the finish line ahead of his team-mate, resulting in the Mexican insisting that the Dutchman has “shown who he really is”.

Verstappen was incredibly cryptic and defiant over the radio, where he insisted that he “never” wants to be asked to let Pérez past.

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Given that Verstappen has nothing to play for, unlike the Mexican who is in a duel for second, Verstappen’s selfishness has massively damaged his reputation.

The result meant that Pérez’ slim lead over Leclerc was completely wiped out, with the Monegasque having finished fourth.

Whilst they go into Abu Dhabi level on points, Leclerc is technically in second having won three races this season, compared to Pérez’s two.

The Mexican was bitterly disappointed after the race, where he admitted the Safety Car was his downfall.

“Yeah it was really disappointing, it went from bad to worse after the Safety Car,” Pérez told, when asked about the race.

“We were on the wrong tyre and were just a passenger, I couldn’t get any temperature into the tyre and I could just see them getting by.

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“So it was really, really disappointing and now onto Abu Dhabi and looking forward massively.”

Christian Horner immediately apologised to Pérez, who later informed the media that the team would solve the matter “internally”.

“Yeah, I think it’s something we’ll discuss internally and move on and keep working together as a team,” Pérez replied when asked about the Verstappen incident.