Sebastian Vettel: 2020 Ferrari F1 Car Has ‘No Strong Points At All’

The Ferrari SF1000 has been uncompetitive at most of the circuits raced at so far this season.

Sebastian Vettel, who will leave Ferrari at the end of the season, has said that the SF1000 has no strengths and lacks performance in every aspect.

“We learned quite a bit this weekend at Spa. We were able to find the real weaknesses of our car. [And] we found that there are no strong points at all,” Vettel said.

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Most of the criticism by the Italian media and fans has been directed at the weakness of Ferrari’s power unit, which went from being the strongest to the weakest on the grid after a couple of FIA directives clarified the rules regarding fuel flow and the burning of oils via the intercooler.

However, the chassis is by no means perfect and certainly isn’t able to generate the same levels of downforce as the Mercedes W11 or Red Bull’s RB16.

Vettel will be replaced by Mclaren driver Carlos Sainz next year – and the Spaniard has said he is hopeful that Ferrari can improve their package, though he is expecting 2021 to be a tough season.

Earlier this week, Sebastian Vettel said he wants to remain in Formula One next year and isn’t currently considering options in other racing series.

The German has been strongly linked with a move to Racing Point, which will be re-branded Aston Martin Racing in 2021, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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