Sainz Hopeful Ferrari Can Improve Their Package For 2022

The Spaniard agreed to join Ferrari earlier this year and will leave Mclaren at the end of 2020.

Carlos Sainz has said he is hopeful that Ferrari can improve their package and get back to their winning ways despite them being so far off the pace at the moment.

In an interview with Sky F1, Sainz said the Scuderia need a “very, very, very, very big step” forward in performance.

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“Of course I want [Ferrari to improve], I’ll be the first one in the factory pushing to find more power and I’ll be pushing everyone as soon as I get there.

“Ferrari has a lot of resources, a lot of power benches, so I’m sure they’re there at the factory working hard to get the power they’ve lost.”

Continuing, Carlos Sainz said, “It’s a long way – they need to do a very, very, very, very big step to get back to where we all are but if anyone can do it, it’s Ferrari.”

Sainz said he needs to accept that his first season with Ferrari in 2021 is going to be tough.

“They [Mercedes and Red Bull] are doing a better job and we need to reconsider how we approach F1 and what kind of team you want to have a chance,” he added.

Earlier this week, Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto said the team was already making good progress on developing its power unit.

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However, these gains won’t be able to help them on the track until 2021, as all engine development is frozen until then.

“In order to do well in the next seasons, we are going to try to understand the weaknesses of today and make sure we are the best we can be,” Binotto added.

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