‘Pretty messed up stuff’: Huge Max Verstappen warning sent ahead of Dutch GP

Speculation is swirling over how the Formula 1 landscape will react to end Max Verstappen's and Red Bull’s dominant streak.

As Max Verstappen prepares to resume racing after the summer hiatus, an aura of invincibility surrounds the Red Bull driver, prompting discussions among pundits and experts about what it would take to halt his relentless march towards glory. 

Blake Hinsey, a former performance engineer of Verstappen, has hinted that only “some pretty messed up stuff” could potentially thwart his winning streak, raising curiosity among fans and rivals alike.

Verstappen is on the cusp of history, aiming to clinch a record-equalling ninth consecutive race victory at the upcoming Dutch Grand Prix, an event that holds special significance for the Dutchman as he competes in front of his home crowd. 

His campaign this season has been marked by a staggering level of dominance, with his sole defeat early on in the season by his teammate Sergio Perez. 

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With ten wins under his belt and a formidable 125-point lead in the championship standings, Verstappen is on course for his third World Championship title.

The records are teetering on the brink of alteration, as Verstappen aims to break records for the most wins in a single season, the longest winning streak, the largest winning margin in a championship, and the highest points tally. 

Simultaneously, Red Bull Racing is aiming to extend its own remarkable record of consecutive victories to 14.

In light of Verstappen’s remarkable run, the racing community is left to ponder whether there exists anything capable of halting his momentum. 

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The topic was the subject of a Sky Sports podcast discussion, where Natalie Pinkham questioned the feasibility of interrupting Verstappen’s winning spree. 

“I can’t see it,” she remarked, highlighting Verstappen’s peak performance.

Verstappen’s mastery behind the wheel is magnified by the prowess of the RB19 car, which many consider one of the finest Formula 1 machines to ever grace the track. 

Blake Hinsey, who previously worked closely with Verstappen, opined that even engine penalties may not be sufficient to impede his progress. 

Hinsey’s belief is that only a chaotic turn of events on a race day could potentially disrupt Verstappen’s trajectory. 

“You’d have to have some pretty messed up stuff happen to derail that train,” Hinsey commented, underscoring the monumental challenge that any potential competitor would face.

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Amidst the speculation about Verstappen’s invincibility, the Dutch driver has recently shared introspective thoughts about the toll of his profession, wondering if it’s still worth it. 

Damon Hill, the 1996 World Champion, speculated that Verstappen might eventually opt for a departure from the high-stakes world of Formula 1 to pursue alternative interests, potentially hinting at a passion for computer games. 

Hill acknowledged the slim likelihood of this scenario, acknowledging that Verstappen’s commitment to racing remains unwavering.