Parc Ferme in Qatar ‘like a scene from a horror movie’

Several drivers admitted that they nearly passed out during the Qatar GP, whilst Lance Stroll revealed that he did become unconscious for a second.

Last weekend’s Qatar Grand Prix turned out to be a controversial affair, which has resulted in multiple drivers insisting that a line was crossed by Formula 1 and the FIA.

Whilst high heat and humidity were expected, Sunday evening at the Lusail International Circuit exceeded the drivers’ expectations, in regard to just how difficult it was to make it to the end of the race.

The drivers were subjected to conditions similar to the Singapore Grand Prix, except with the difference of three pit-stops effectively being mandatory due to safety concerns with Pirelli’s tyres.

As a result, every lap was almost like a qualifying lap, given that the tyres were capable of the maximum 18 laps they were allowed to use each set for.

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It made the race more intense and demanding that it would’ve been under normal circumstances, resulting in an evening which most drivers will never forget.

Plenty labelled it as the most difficult of their career, whilst even veteran Fernando Alonso admitted that it was up there with one of the hardest races he’s ever competed in.

It was visible during the race that drivers were struggling, with George Russell having been one of many drivers who opened their visor whenever they could, in an attempt to cool their faces.

Logan Sargeant was the only driver to retire due to the conditions, as he struggled with severe dehydration which saw him struggle to climb out of his car.

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In fact, more than a few drivers required help to get out of their cars after the race, due to how physically and mentally drained they were pushing incredibly hard for 57 laps, in a cockpit in excess of 50°C.

Incredibly, the hot cockpit actually burned Alonso in the opening stages of the race, with him having asked for water to be thrown over him as a result.

Unfortunately for the Spaniard, Aston Martin couldn’t do this as it’s against the rules.

Seeing so many drivers stumble after getting out of their cars wasn’t a nice sight, neither was seeing Lance Stroll go straight to an ambulance in parc ferme.

Worryingly, Stroll revealed afterwards that he passed out during the race, thankfully only for a brief second.

Had he remained unconscious for any longer, then F1 may have witnessed an avoidable deadly accident in Qatar.

On the topic of Stroll passing out, Lando Norris shared that similar happened to some drivers in the medical centre.

Esteban Ocon was even sick twice during the opening laps of the race, a condition no driver should have to deal with.

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Parc ferme after the race looked more like a scene from a horror movie, as bodies laid motionless on the ground.

The drivers couldn’t take anymore, with most having instantly laid on the ground before taking onboard much-needed fluids.

Whilst F1 is treated as the pinnacle of motorsport, the sport crossed a clear line last Sunday in regard to driver safety, with it being an absolute miracle that all 20 drivers ultimately left Qatar unhurt.