Paddy Lowe Warns Toto Wolff Amid Lewis Hamilton Exit

The challenge is compounded as both McLaren and Ferrari have shown improvements, further closing the gap on Red Bull.

Former Mercedes technical chief Paddy Lowe has sounded a warning to Toto Wolff regarding Mercedes’ challenges in the 2024 Formula 1 season.

After a disappointing start, Lowe commented that the situation for Mercedes could potentially worsen.

This comes after the team, which is an eight-time world champion, failed to perform up to expectations in the initial races, leaving them significantly behind their competitors.

As the 2024 season progressed through its first six races, Mercedes has only managed to secure 64 points, placing them at a stark disadvantage compared to Red Bull, which leads with 239 points.

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Ferrari and McLaren follow with 187 and 124 points respectively.

This gap highlights the struggles faced by Mercedes, positioning them closer to fifth-placed Aston Martin and even sixth-placed VCARB than the leading trio.

Lowe, in his interview with, stated, “You may or may not get there. It may get worse.

“This is the nature of the sport and why it is so fascinating to watch as champions come and go.”

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His reflections shed light on the cyclical nature of competitive sports where dynasties rise and fall, noting how in 1992, Williams overcame the then-dominant McLaren in a surprising turn of events.

The challenge is compounded as both McLaren and Ferrari have shown improvements, further closing the gap on Red Bull.

For Mercedes, their current position complicates their future strategies and marketability, particularly in attracting top drivers like Max Verstappen.

Verstappen, whose contract extends through 2025, has indicated his willingness to switch teams, but only to one that enhances his chances of winning.

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This situation puts Mercedes’ aspirations to sign Verstappen, seen as an ideal successor to the Ferrari-bound Lewis Hamilton, in jeopardy.

Wolff’s strategy hinges on rebuilding or significantly improving performance to make a compelling case for top talents like Verstappen.

However, as the season unfolds, the window for making such pivotal changes narrows, underscoring Lowe’s caution that for Mercedes, the path ahead could indeed get tougher.