Norris’ Self-Criticism Sparks Debate Among F1 Pundits as Leclerc Urged to Follow Suit

Norris had a three-second lead over Hamilton when the track dried, but he missed a chance at victory.

McLaren driver Lando Norris was self-critical after his performance at the British Grand Prix last weekend, a mindset that has divided F1 pundits.

Norris started third but surged into the lead when it began to rain. Lewis Hamilton was amazed by McLaren’s speed in the changing conditions as both drivers passed the two Mercedes.

Norris had a three-second lead over Hamilton when the track dried, but he missed a chance at victory.

Sky Sports F1’s Martin Brundle found it “unfair” that McLaren asked Norris to choose his tire compound, suggesting the team should have fitted fresh mediums.

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Instead, Norris opted for softs to cover Hamilton, a decision that proved costly.

After emerging behind the seven-time world champion, Norris also lost second place to Max Verstappen. Alex Wurz criticized Norris for missing his pit marks, which cost him crucial time.

Norris took the blame for McLaren’s disappointment, telling the press he hasn’t been “making the right decisions lately.”

Jenson Button expressed concern that Norris could “spiral” if he continues to “put himself down massively.”

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Tim Coronel urges Charles Leclerc to “look at himself” like Norris.

Speaking on the Racing News 365 podcast, Dutch racing driver Tim Coronel praised Norris’ approach and suggested that Charles Leclerc could learn from it.

Leclerc failed to score points for the second consecutive race at Silverstone.

He missed out on Q3 on Saturday and then made a race-defining error by switching to intermediate tires too quickly.

He ultimately finished 14th, between Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas.

Leclerc said after the race that he thought pitting early was the right decision “with the message he got” from the team.

Coronel believes Leclerc should take more responsibility.

He said: “What I like about Lando is that he always says, ‘I have to do better, I’m in the wrong here, I’m the one.’

“He doesn’t point around him very much. He constantly keeps a mirror in front of himself.

“That’s why I see him still growing.

“That’s the learning curve, instead of whining and criticizing the team.

“That’s just a bit too easy.

“That’s what I see Leclerc doing at the moment.

“He just gets frustrated.

“You see that they are losing their way.

“That does not help if you have a driver who is only pointing [the finger].

“In the end, you also have to look at yourself.”

When Leclerc ended the “Monaco curse” by winning on home soil, he was only 31 points behind Verstappen in the championship.

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“Ferrari was just 24 points adrift of Red Bull in the constructors’.

In the five races since, including a Sprint weekend in Austria, he has scored a mere 12 points.

The gap to Verstappen has ballooned to 105, and Ferrari has slipped 72 points behind Red Bull despite Sergio Perez’s struggles.