David Coulthard Voices Concern Over Daniel Ricciardo’s Uncertain Future at Red Bull

Before the Austrian Grand Prix, Ricciardo was the only Red Bull driver without a contract for 2025 and beyond.

On Channel 4, David Coulthard reflected on the exciting event, focusing on Visa Cash App RB driver Daniel Ricciardo’s performance.

Ricciardo finished 9th, securing valuable points for himself and the team.

However, Coulthard expressed concern about the swirling rumors regarding Ricciardo’s future.

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It’s reported that Ricciardo’s RB seat is under threat, with Liam Lawson poised to replace him.

The 35-year-old might need a series of stellar performances to retain his seat beyond the summer break.

David Coulthard admitted that discussions about Ricciardo’s future made him “really uncomfortable.”

When asked if Ricciardo’s F1 career was in jeopardy, Coulthard responded:

“I think it would be difficult for any team up and down the pit lane that’s seriously stating that they’re putting everything in place to be world championship contenders or Grand Prix winning contenders right now on the basis of how his career has played out at McLaren and now here alongside Yuki [Tsunoda].

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We all know Daniel [Ricciardo], he’s a brilliant asset for the paddock but yeah it’s just really uncomfortable anyway to see that those rumours are floating around.”

Coulthard noted that the rumors appeared to originate from Helmut Marko, the director of the young drivers.

Host Gethin Jones asked if Coulthard was referencing rumors that Ricciardo might not finish the season. Coulthard confirmed, “Yeah, it’s really uncomfortable, either commit or don’t.”

Before the Austrian Grand Prix, Ricciardo was the only Red Bull driver without a contract for 2025 and beyond.

Yuki Tsunoda has outperformed him this season, securing a new contract during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend.

Max Verstappen is committed to Red Bull, but Sergio Perez’s contract extension is increasingly questionable due to his poor form.

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In any other team, Ricciardo’s seat might be secure for the season.

However, Red Bull boasts a strong pool of young talent, including Liam Lawson.

Ricciardo is under pressure, as Red Bull won’t want to lose Lawson, who has a clause allowing him to seek other opportunities if not offered a race seat. Consequently, Ricciardo could be the one to miss out.