Mercedes Hires Private Investigators to Uncover Source of Sabotage Emails Against Lewis Hamilton

The emails also claimed Mercedes favored George Russell due to Hamilton's rumored move to Ferrari next year.

Mercedes has engaged private investigators to identify the source of emails alleging they are sabotaging Lewis Hamilton, as reported by

After Northamptonshire Police found no criminal offences following Mercedes’ report of the anonymous emails, the F1 team has decided to proceed with private investigators.

Toto Wolff expressed his outrage over the leaked messages, which suggested Mercedes were compromising Hamilton’s season and endangering him, allegedly from within the team.

The emails also claimed Mercedes favored George Russell due to Hamilton’s rumored move to Ferrari next year.

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Wolff clarified that the emails were not from a Mercedes employee, criticizing the sender as a “conspiracy theorist” and a “lunatic.”

He added, “When we are getting these kinds of emails, and we are getting tons of them, it is upsetting particularly when someone is talking about death and all these things.”

Last week in Barcelona, Wolff emphasized his determination to address the issue.

“I have instructed to go full force with police inquiring it, researching the IP address, researching the phone number, because online abuse in that way needs to stop,” he said.

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“People can’t hide behind their phones, or their computers, and abuse teams or drivers in a way like this.”

Northamptonshire Police confirmed, “Northamptonshire Police received a report on June 12 regarding an email that had been circulated within the Mercedes AMG F1 team.

No criminal offences were found to have been committed. However, advice was given regarding any further emails the team may receive.”

Hamilton also defended Russell from online abuse, unaware of any negativity directed at his teammate.

“George has done nothing but his best every single weekend and delivering for the team, so he can’t be faulted at all,” Hamilton stated.

“Of course there are always things that can be better within a team and that comes through conversations, through communication, and that’s what we’re consistently working on.”

Hamilton had out-qualified Russell only once in nine attempts this season before Barcelona.

He had previously claimed not to expect qualifying ahead of his teammate this season.

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Wolff commented on the competition between his drivers, stating, “I think he has always been energised.

“The gaps are so tiny.

“It can swing one direction or the other. I’m happy it went good for him [on Saturday].”