Nigel Mansell makes radical decision

Nigel Mansell previously sold his 1992 title-winning Williams to Sebastian Vettel in 2020.

1992 Formula 1 World Champion Nigel Mansell is selling virtually every piece of memorabilia he owns, in an online auction set to take place on October 4, carried out by RM Sotheby’s.

Due to it being impossible to reserve any of the 330 items being sold, it’s impossible to know the total value of the auction, although in many ways it’s completely priceless.

Why Mansell is choosing to sell so much is unknown, with the 31-time race winner having only recently sold one of Ferrari and Williams race cars last year.

Mansell is one of the most successful British F1 drivers in the history of F1, with him having raced against and beaten the likes of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

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Of the 330 items being sold, 200 of them are trophies he’s collected during his career and not just any trophies.

Mansell is selling his 1992 F1 championship winning trophy and his 1993 IndyCar championship trophy, two items which will presumably sell for an extortionate amount.

Mansell’s British Grand Prix trophy, his 1992 Sports Personality of the Year Award, the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix trophy and his 1994 Australian Grand Prix trophy are also being sold at auction.

His 1994 Australian GP trophy is particularly special, as that was the last race he won in F1.

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32 helmets are also being sold, with most having been worn by him at some point during his career.

Several pieces of F1-related clothing, three steering wheels and two bikes are also part of the auction list, as well as 50 race suits.

The auction list is called the ‘Nigel Mansell Legacy Collection’ and has been stored at the 70-year-old’s museum on Jersey, a British island.

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It’s truly a remarkable auction list, containing items which most F1 fans would do anything for.

Four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel actually bought one of Mansell’s cars in 2020, the Briton’s 1992 title-winning Williams.

Vettel has often driven the car at events, using sustainable fuel in an attempt to show that it’s possible to run F1 cars on an environmentally friendly alternative.