Max Verstappen reveals why he might Red Bull

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has enjoyed plenty of success with the Milton Keynes-based team in the new era of Formula 1.

Max Verstappen has revealed his thoughts regarding his continued involvement in the sport, echoing his persistent critique of the series’ ever-expanding racing calendar. 

Over the past months, Verstappen has vocalised his reservations about F1’s trajectory, which is set to encompass an unprecedented 24 races in the upcoming year.

Verstappen’s candid remarks about F1’s ongoing expansion, coupled with the introduction of six sprint races, have given rise to speculations that he might choose to part ways with Formula 1 once his current contract with Red Bull concludes in 2028. 

The persistent drive to enlarge the series has found Verstappen a skeptic, with the double world champion scrutinising the ramifications of these changes on those who are intricately involved in the sport.

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In a candid conversation with Dutch publication De Telegraaf, Verstappen shared his apprehensions: “I’m apprehensive about the sport I have cherished since long. 

“That sentiment still lingers, albeit with certain reservations. 

“It’s not that I am fundamentally opposed to change, despite the assumptions some might make. 

“However, these changes should serve the greater good of Formula 1.”

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“Why disrupt things that are functioning optimally?” Verstappen questioned. 

“The traditional qualifying format, for instance, possesses inherent value; the pursuit of change should not be solely driven by monetary considerations. 

“It’s easy for others to think, ‘He’s earning handsomely, so what’s he complaining about?’ 

“Yet, it pertains to the quality of life, the experience one derives from their endeavours, rather than the financial aspects.”

He further expounded, “The perception of overcommitment and the need to forgo other pursuits often prompts me to ask, ‘Is it still worthwhile?'” 

Verstappen underscored that his objection to the growing calendar isn’t merely about the number of races. 

The off-track engagements and the demands of media obligations invariably encroach upon his personal life.

“The travel itself isn’t the chief concern,” Verstappen clarified, “it’s the supplementary obligations that accompany it.” 

He elaborated, “Thursdays during race weekends can become exceedingly protracted, contingent on our location. 

“Beyond the Grand Prix events, extensive simulator work consumes a substantial portion of my time. 

“For instance, marketing claims over a month annually. Eventually, you question the sustainability of this routine.”

Presently in the throes of a scintillating winning streak, securing victory in eight consecutive races, Verstappen’s dominance at Red Bull is notable. 

Nonetheless, the impending major regulations overhaul slated for 2026 looms large, potentially disrupting Red Bull’s supremacy. 

When probed about the possibility of his departure before his Red Bull contract expires in 2028, Verstappen expressed his perspective: “Circumstances would have to be exceptionally unfavourable for such a choice. 

“I maintain confidence in our exceptional team and its formidable talents. 

“However, the nature of this sport implies the possibility of fluctuating competitiveness.”

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Verstappen affirmed, “I cannot envision myself languishing in the midfield for three years. 

“In such a scenario, I’d prefer to reconsider my options. 

“Yet, I am hopeful that such circumstances will not transpire.”