Monaco GP: Martin Brundle leaves fans terrified

Max Verstappen ended the opening day of the Monaco GP weekend at the top of the timesheets.

Ex-Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle had fans closing their eyes in terror during Free Practice 2 at the Monaco Grand Prix, whilst reporting from the Nouvelle Chicane.

The ex-driver turned pundit often wanders around the circuit during the second session of the weekend, with Friday at the Circuit de Monaco having been no different.

One of his live reports during FP2 came whilst he was standing at the Nouvelle Chicane, almost within touching distance of the cars as they navigated the tricky section of the legendary circuit.

“It’s fascinating down here,” Brundle told Sky Sports F1.

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“Seeing how the drivers use the furniture of the kerb to turn the car. If you look at the inside rear tyre [of the cars], it’s in the air!

“The car is jacked, it’s like a three-wheeler. The right-front [tyre] goes over the kerb, it jacks the car and the back then slides which positions the car beautifully for the exit so they can get the car as straight as possible, as early as possible, and get better traction.”

Several fans couldn’t believe quite how close Brundle was to being on the circuit, with no barrier having separated him from the track.

Whilst there was no barrier in front of him, there was a wall on his right-hand side, protecting the marshals and in this instance Brundle, from being hit by a car.

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It was certainly a great segment of Sky Sports F1’s FP2 coverage, with the narrow streets having made the cars look even faster than usual.

Many took to social media though, to explain how Brundle’s report made them anxious, given just how terrifyingly close he was to the action.

One fan even joked that he was close to “exceeding track limits”.

“Martin Brundle exceeding track limits right now,” wrote @Benji_91.

Another fan, @chrissieroyal asked: “Has Martin Brundle got a death wish?? He’s inches away from those cars!”

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@eyeversehen labelled Brundle’s report as “absolutely wild”.

“Will never get used to Martin Brundle reporting feet away from the cars at Monaco. Absolutely wild. Instant anxiety,” the fan said on Twitter.

@WeberN commented: “Not sure Martin Brundle could get much closer without literally touching the cars on track.”