Mick Schumacher handed F1 lifeline

Calvin Lo has expressed his interest in joining the F1 grid, either with his own team or by purchasing an existing outfit.

Calvin Lo has recently thrown his hat in the ring for a place in Formula 1, as the billionaire has suggested that he is looking for a way into the sport, having already held talks with an unknown team about a potential takeover.

The Hong Kong billionaire has claimed that his ideal scenario would be to introduce his own team into Formula 1, however he believes that this could take until 2026 to come to fruition, however with the Andretti family’s new team being rejected by F1, this looks an unlikely to succeed.

Lo has revealed that his love for Formula 1 came from the Singapore Grand Prix in 2000, where he became mesmerised by a German driver called Michael Schumacher driving a Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher’s son, Mick, has been racing with Haas for the past two F1 seasons, however he finds himself without a seat in 2023 following the team’s decision to replace the young German with Nico Hulkenberg, and Lo has now handed the 23-year-old a lifeline.

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Having idolised the former Haas driver’s father, Lo has said that he would be honoured to hire Schumacher should be purchase a Formula 1 team, claiming that he sees champion potential in the German.

“I grew up watching Michael Schumacher and the reason why he’s literally my idol is not the success that he has had on the track, but the way he thinks, the way he reacts and acts faster in each race,” explained Lo.

“You read how he reacts when he wins or loses, that shapes how I do my business. If you don’t get a deal, forget it, move forward. It shaped me and I am certain it is how Mick is shaped, growing up watching his dad.

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“It’s unfortunate that he lost his seat, but as a driver – every driver on the grid is amazing – I really hope he is able to find a drive somewhere. He obviously has talent otherwise he wouldn’t have been on the grid the last two seasons. I feel like any team would find it an honour to have him on their team. He could be a world champion one day.”

It is rumoured that Schumacher is set to take up a role as Mercedes’ reserve driver in 2023, as he looks to keep himself involved in the sport, with the hope of being picked up by a team looking for a driver in 2024.

Audi are reportedly interested in the driver, due to his nationality matching their brand, and the weight of his surname in Formula 1, but should Schumacher want to race for the F1 newcomers, he will have to keep himself relevant in F1 until the team joins the grid in 2026.