Michael Schumacher’s wife opens up on Ferrari move

Corinna Schumacher has revealed that her husband asked for her thoughts before moving to the Scuderia.

Michael Schumacher in 2012.v1

Michael Schumacher moved from Benetton to Ferrari ahead of the 1996 season, where he went on to win five consecutive world championships between 2000 and 2004.

The legendary German, who is currently tied with Lewis Hamilton with seven championship titles, has been out of the public eye since 2013, when he suffered a severe brain injury following a skiing accident.

In a recent documentary aired on French TV channel Canal+, Schumacher’s wife Corinna has told the story of her husband’s move to Ferrari, claiming that he made sure she was happy with the move before accepting the Scuderia’s offer.

“I can still remember what it was like,” began Corinna.

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“We were in the garden when Michael asked me: ‘What would you think if we went to [Ferrari]’.

“’Yes,’ I said, ‘if you can do that, great!’”

Schumacher has suggested that one of the key factors behind the German’s move to Ferrari was his relationship with then-Ferrari team principal Jean Todt, with the Frenchman being one of Schumacher’s true friends.

“Michael actually has a very good feeling about who he can rely on,” she explained.

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“And I think he already had that with Jean at the time, that he said he wanted to do something with Jean.

“It would be so nice if Michael could tell the whole story of that time, because I wasn’t always there.

“The nice thing for Michael is to know that someone like Jean is there for us when we have questions.

“When you know that someone is by your side who does something for you without and consequences and thinks with you. This is a gift.”

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The current condition of the seven-time world champion is somewhat unknown, after Schumacher’s family decided that upon Michael coming out of his coma, he should be moved to his home in Switzerland to continue his rehabilitation away from the public eye.

Heartbreakingly, it is most likely that Schumacher has never seen his son Mick race in Formula 1, which has done so for the past two seasons, striking up a heart-warming relationship with his father’s old friend Sebastian Vettel.

While not much information is known, it is rumoured that very slow but sure progress is being made in Schumacher’s rehabilitation, after the skiing accident nine years ago which nearly took his life.