Mercedes running different drinks system to Red Bull

Mercedes will be looking to get the edge over their rivals this season to return to winning ways after a poor 2022 season.

Formula 1 has become one of the most technologically advanced sports in the world in the past decade, with thousands of little details, buttons and switches being found in the modern F1 cars,

With all of the various inventions now finding a place in the cars, engineers up and down the paddock face the task of finding a way to keep the weight down.

Weight distribution is also very important, with a matter of grams making all the different at times.

The 2023 cars also feature a lot of black on their liveries, as showing carbon fibre rather than paintwork helps to reduce the weight of the car by a miniscule but vital margin.

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Having struggled to a third-placed finish last season, Mercedes have spent the winter break looking at any possible way to gain an advantage over Red Bull and Ferrari as they hunt for a quick return to the top.

Eagle eyed viewers of Bahrain’s pre-season tests this week believe they have spotted one way which Mercedes already differ from Red Bull.

Motorsport technology expert Craig Scarborough has taken to Twitter to highlight a different between the two teams’ drinking system, with the Silver Arrows reverting to a more primitive method by modern standards.

“The Red Bull teams continue to run a pumped drinks system mounted inside the nose,” he wrote.

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“Merc meanwhile, require the drivers to suck the drink from a bag in the cockpit.”

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Both systems have their benefits but Mercedes will believe that not having a pumped system will save them a small amount of weight, allowing them to get closer to the minimum weight allowance.

On the other hand, Red Bull may be content with keeping their system because although it is heavier than Mercedes’ system, the pump is based in the nose of the car and this may be exactly where they would like this extra weight to be.

With the number of races in boiling hot temperatures such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Singapore increasing this year, having a reliable drink system will be very important for the drivers this year.