Mercedes eager for glimpse into Red Bull’s cooling system

The innovative design, masterminded by Adrian Newey, has raised eyebrows across the Formula 1 community, particularly considering Red Bull's dominance in the previous season.

Mercedes’ technical director, James Allison, openly expresses his eagerness to gain insight into Red Bull’s groundbreaking cooling system, stating he is ‘desperate’ for an invitation into their garage.

The innovative design, masterminded by Adrian Newey, has raised eyebrows across the Formula 1 community, particularly considering Red Bull’s dominance in the previous season.

Red Bull’s meticulous preparation for the 2024 campaign, commencing long before the conclusion of the previous season, is evident in the unveiling of their RB20 and subsequent performance in pre-season testing at Bahrain.

Opting for significant design alterations instead of refining last season’s successful RB19, Red Bull showcased a bold approach that has left many intrigued.

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Early indications at Bahrain’s International Circuit suggest optimism for Max Verstappen’s quest for a fourth consecutive Drivers’ Championship.

However, one aspect of the RB20 design has left Allison puzzled, prompting his desire to explore Red Bull’s garage and examine their cooling system firsthand.

“I would deeply love to be invited into the Red Bull garage and take their engine cover off and delve around under those snorkely things,” Allison expressed to Sky Sports.

“Mercedes’ James Allison Eager for Glimpse into Red Bull’s Innovative Cooling System””There is definitely a different approach being taken there.

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What glimpses you see of their cooling system, it’s definitely not light and svelte. They’re doing that for a reason but we haven’t figured it out yet.”

Meanwhile, Red Bull’s chief technical officer, Helmut Marko, provided insights into their strategic shift, emphasising the necessity to evolve amidst competition.

Contrary to speculation that the RB20 unveiled during the launch event was a decoy, Verstappen and Sergio Perez showcased the same revolutionary features during testing, reaffirming Red Bull’s commitment to innovation.

Mercedes, on the other hand, presented a solid yet unremarkable performance during pre-season activities.

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With George Russell and Lewis Hamilton posting respectable lap times, Mercedes expressed contentment with their progress, particularly noting improvements in the drivability of their W15 compared to the previous season.

“We’re reasonably pleased with the pace that we’re showing,” Allison remarked.

“There was a McLaren and a Ferrari going around the track on the same tyres and we were looking alright.”