Lewis Hamilton extends olive branch to repair relationship with Nico Rosberg’s daughters

Hamilton and Rosberg had been competitors in junior competitions before their partnership at the Silver Arrows soured.

Lewis Hamilton has taken steps to mend his relationship with Nico Rosberg through a heartfelt gesture towards his former rival’s daughters.

The two, who were once childhood friends, saw their connection famously deteriorate during the 2016 F1 season.

Hamilton and Rosberg had been competitors in junior competitions before their partnership at the Silver Arrows soured.

Rosberg, born in Germany, clinched the Drivers’ World Championship title by a mere five points ahead of Hamilton in 2016.

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This championship, the only one to elude the British superstar between 2014 and 2020, followed a tense rivalry between the former friends.

Their rivalry reached a crescendo with notable collisions during the Spanish and Austrian Grands Prix, ultimately leading to Rosberg’s retirement shortly after securing his sole championship at the age of just 31.

Nearly eight years since Rosberg’s departure from the racing scene, he has acknowledged Hamilton’s efforts to rebuild their friendship.

The seven-time world champion consistently sends gifts to Rosberg’s two young daughters, Naila and Alaia.

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Rosberg revealed to the German publication Suddeutsche Zeitung: “Lewis and I have repaired our friendship.

We see each other from time to time. Every Christmas my daughters receive a huge box full of gifts from him.”

The intense rivalry between Rosberg and Hamilton continued to capture attention, with incidents like their collision at the Belgian Grand Prix leading to disciplinary action from Mercedes.

The friction between them was evident as their rivalry escalated, as highlighted in interviews and discussions surrounding their battles on the track.

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Their partnership at Mercedes, which began in 2013, was marked by intense competition, with former teammate Heikki Kovalainen remarking that it was “almost killing” Rosberg.

Rosberg, now engaged in sustainability entrepreneurship and investing in the Formula E racing series, reflected on the breakdown of their friendship, attributing it to the pressures of competing at the highest level in Formula 1.

He emphasised that when vying for titles and victories, there’s little room for sentimentality, and competitors must often push boundaries to succeed, especially when facing off against drivers of such high calibre.