Geri Horner ‘broken’ as Red Bull turn up the pressure against Christian

Geri Horner, who is known for her time as a Spice Girl, is feeling emotionally shattered by the situation.

Geri Horner is said to be deeply affected by the turmoil surrounding her husband, Christian Horner, who is currently under investigation by Red Bull following a complaint from a female employee.

The 50-year-old team principal has been accused of inappropriate conduct, which he vehemently denies, leading to an inquiry by the team’s parent company in Austria.

According to The Sun, Geri, who is known for her time as a Spice Girl, is feeling emotionally shattered by the situation.

However, she is finding solace in the support of her bandmates and close companions during this challenging time.

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A source revealed, “They are quietly supporting her behind the scenes and checking in to make sure she is OK.

Geri has been left broken by the ordeal, but is grateful for the kindness being shown to her by friends.”

Geri and Christian Horner have been married for nine years, having exchanged vows in a grand ceremony in 2015.

She is often seen accompanying her husband at Grand Prix events, demonstrating her unwavering support for him as one of Formula 1’s most accomplished team principals.

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Christian Horner has consistently refuted the allegations against him and is determined to defend his innocence.

Following an extensive interrogation lasting approximately eight hours in London, he is expected to face further questioning as the investigation progresses.

Red Bull is reportedly expediting the inquiry to reach a resolution by the end of the upcoming week.

The team is keen to address the matter swiftly, with Horner enlisting legal aid to challenge the accusations made against him.

In addressing the media, including Express Sport, Horner affirmed, “The support from within the business, of our partners, within the industry, has been overwhelming.”

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He continued, “Obviously, there’s a process that’s ongoing at the moment.

Some allegations have been made which I fully deny and I’m complying with that process and will continue to do so until its conclusion.

I think it’s been very clear and the position of Red Bull has been that it’s business as normal.”