Max Verstappen warns Red Bull how they could make him quit

Max Verstappen has warned Red Bull about how they could force him to quit the team.

Max Verstappen, poised to secure his third consecutive world championship title, has asserted that he would opt for retirement over racing in a mid-tier car for Red Bull. 

The two-time champion upholds rigorous expectations for the team he has been a part of since 2016.

As Verstappen continues his pursuit of another title, the Dutch sensation candidly shared his unwavering aspirations for excellence within the Red Bull team. 

Verstappen, who has inked a contract until 2028, acknowledges his contract’s longevity, but remains steadfast in his stance: he would rather choose retirement than to compete in a Formula 1 car that doesn’t win races.

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He comments, “Well, it would have to go very badly and dramatically, I think. I also don’t expect a team to fall back that far, considering all the talented people we have here.”

While acknowledging that challenging phases can manifest for any team in the sport, Verstappen remains steadfast in his resolve to uphold his commitment to excellence. 

He asserted, “But indeed, I can’t imagine myself spending three years in the midfield. 

“I would rather stay at home or do something else. But again, I don’t see that happening.”

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Verstappen’s belief in Red Bull’s trajectory and potential is mirrored in his reflections on the team’s history of resilience and transformation. 

Addressing his trust in Team Principal Christian Horner’s leadership, Verstappen states, “Not really. 

“But I did wonder whether things would work out here. 

“However, we always managed to come back together in the end. 

“Over the years, a lot has happened within the team.”

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Verstappen elaborated on the pivotal moments that have shaped Red Bull’s journey, including the transition from Renault to Honda as the engine supplier, and the team’s autonomous development of their engine. 

He explained that these developments have fuelled his optimism, remarking, “There was always something to look forward to. 

“That was the deciding factor for extending my contract.”