Haas driver opens up on targeting other teams

Haas have improved in recent years, but the American outfit remains one of Formula 1's backmarkers.

In a recent statement, Enzo Fittipaldi, the 22-year-old racing prodigy, expressed his optimistic outlook on potential opportunities within Formula 1 as he maintains his remarkable form in the F2 series this season. 

Fittipaldi, a standout performer for Red Bull’s junior team in the secondary competition, secured victory in the sprint race and clinched a commendable third-place finish in the feature race at the recent Belgian Grand Prix.

Fittipaldi’s lineage boasts a strong connection to Formula 1 greatness, as he is the grandson of the esteemed two-time F1 world champion, Emerson Fittipaldi. 

Moreover, he is the younger sibling of Pietro Fittipaldi, who holds the position of reserve driver at Haas.

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“In F2, the crucial first step is consistent performance,” Fittipaldi stated during an interview with Sky Sports. 

“Sustaining this momentum in the upcoming race weekends might open doors to unexpected opportunities. 

“If one excels and delivers remarkable results, particularly in the championship, it’s highly likely that doors will open for new prospects.”

Fittipaldi further remarked, “Presently, my primary focus is on maintaining my strong performance, continually enhancing my skills as a driver each time I hit the track. 

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“With this approach, I am hopeful that opportunities will naturally unveil themselves.”

Red Bull Racing has exerted its dominance throughout the initial half of the 2023 season, asserting victory in every single race. 

However, doubts linger over their secondary driver, as Sergio Perez’s performances have lagged behind Max Verstappen’s exceptional displays.

Red Bull’s renowned young driver development program has consistently nurtured exceptional talent, boasting luminaries such as four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, the skilled Daniel Ricciardo, and the extraordinary Max Verstappen. 

Nevertheless, recent years have witnessed the disappointment of talents such as Alex Albon and Pierre Gasly being relegated from top-tier positions. Nyck de Vries faced a similar fate within the sister team AlphaTauri, while Yuki Tsunoda has struggled to deliver consistent results in the same vehicle.

In 2021, Red Bull diverged from tradition by signing Sergio Perez, previously unaffiliated with the team. 

While Perez’s performance has been satisfactory on the whole, his struggles in this season’s dominant car have cast uncertainty on the team’s secondary driver position. 

This development implies that three out of the four Red Bull seats could be up for grabs in the upcoming years, assuming that Daniel Ricciardo’s tenure at AlphaTauri is a short-term arrangement.

This potential vacuum in the driver lineup paves the way for promising young talents like Fittipaldi, who has maintained continuous communication with Dr. Helmut Marko, the head of Red Bull’s flourishing young driver initiative.

“Dr. Marko extended his congratulations to me after the race victory during the race weekend,” Fittipaldi revealed.

“Max’s remarkable string of wins demonstrates his exceptional speed. 

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“As an emerging driver, I genuinely admire Max; he stands as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, in history.

“Their current dominance underscores the privilege of being affiliated with the Red Bull family and a member of the Red Bull junior team. 

“It’s genuinely awe-inspiring to be a part of the most distinguished Formula 1 team in history.”