Update provided on Max Verstappen incident

Max Verstappen has dominated Formula 1 since the turn of the new aero regulations at the start of the 2022 season.

Preparations for the replacement of the Hungarian Grand Prix winner’s trophy, which met an untimely fate during the podium celebrations, are steadily advancing. 

Max Verstappen’s dominant triumph at the Hungaroring last month was marred by an unfortunate mishap as the delicate porcelain trophy toppled and shattered when Lando Norris initiated the customary champagne celebration.

Herendi Porcelán, the Hungarian company renowned for crafting the original trophy, promptly declared its intention to fashion a new one for Verstappen. 

Crafting the initial handcrafted masterpiece entailed the collaborative efforts of over 30 artisans and consumed almost six months. 

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Given that design, patterns, and colours do not require modification this time around, the production process has been considerably expedited.

“We commenced production in early August, and the meticulous painting and gilding procedures are presently in progress,” affirmed Dr Attila Simon, CEO of Herendi Porcelán.

“We anticipate completing the replacement by the end of September at the latest.”

Simon conveyed his gratitude to Formula 1 enthusiasts for their positive reactions, underscoring the company’s decision to facilitate the cost-free replacement of the trophy.*

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“Our decision to replace the fractured trophy at no cost stands affirmed by the encouragement we received from the F1 community,” Simon emphasised.

We eagerly anticipate the moment when we can present the new trophy to Max Verstappen as promised.”

While dispelling any notion of resentment towards Lando Norris for the incident, which garnered significant attention on social media platforms, it was reiterated that Herendi Porcelán holds no grudges. 

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“We extend an open invitation to everyone to visit our visitor center and witness firsthand the astonishing level of artistry dedicated to the creation of this porcelain masterpiece,” remarked a spokesperson. 

“However, as of now, we have not had any communication with Lando Norris’s team concerning a visit. 

“Our current focus is directed towards the production of the new trophy.”*