Max Verstappen warned of immediate FIA threat

Mercedes' domination came to an abrupt end when the FIA introduced the new aerodynamic regulations.

Three-time Le Mans class winner Richard Kennedy has warned Red Bull to expect the FIA to introduce a regulation to go against them, with the ex-Shadows F1 driver admitting that it’s what the governing body have historically done.

Red Bull are in a complete league of their own currently since the new aerodynamic regulations were introduced at the start of 2022, with the outfit having won 29 of the 34 races completed since the regs were changed.

That means the Milton Keynes-based team have been on the top step of the podium in roughly 85.3% of the races in the new aerodynamic era of the pinnacle of motorsport.

Concerningly for their rivals, Red Bull’s domination looks set to continue, especially with Max Verstappen being unstoppable.

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The Dutchman has won 25 of the past 34 races himself, whilst he’s currently on an eight-race winning streak.

Verstappen has won 10 races in 2023 alone, with Sergio Perez having been victorious at the other two.

It would come as no shock if Red Bull are able to win every race this season, something which has never been accomplished before.

Whilst their current superiority is untouchable though, Kennedy has warned that the FIA might introduce something to allow the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari to catch up.

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“History has proven that [the FIA] have done that,” he told

“They’ve done that before, and they’ve done it, ostensibly, when Michael Schumacher was dominating.

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“[The FIA] came up with a whole variety of changes, particularly in qualifying – what you could use in qualifying, what you could use in the race, they did everything to try and balance the books and stop this runaway dominance. It has a detrimental effect on the sport, absolutely.

“Those that have followed the sport long enough will remember the days when McLaren ran away with everything. And it takes the interest away.

“Now, McLaren had two unbelievable drivers in Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna who took chunks out of each other.

“Then you had the Williams domination as well with Nigel Mansell. It does take away some of that conflict that you’re going to see in top-end sports. There’s nothing worse than knowing what the result is going to be.”