Max Verstappen brutally blasts Lewis Hamilton for hypocrisy

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has responded to claims the FIA should make rule changes to limit his team’s development work for next season.

Max Verstappen has responded to Lewis Hamilton’s recent comments, accusing the seven-time world champion of hypocrisy. 

Hamilton had called for the FIA to implement a rule change to curb Red Bull’s dominance in Formula 1, suggesting that teams should have a set date to start working on their cars for the following season. 

Verstappen, however, pointed out the irony of Hamilton’s remarks, given Mercedes’ own period of dominance in the sport.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Verstappen addressed Hamilton’s remarks, stating: “We weren’t talking about that when he was winning his championships, so I don’t think we should now.” 

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“That’s how Formula 1 works. When you have a competitive car, it’s great. 

“But at one point, of course, you also have to look ahead to next year.”

Verstappen highlighted the different perspective that arises depending on a team’s success, emphasising that the comments made by rivals are often influenced by the prevailing circumstances. 

“It’s normal, of course, that the people behind say these kinds of things, but they should also not forget that when they were winning, how it was looking and if people would comment these kinds of things,” he added. 

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“They would comment a bit differently, but that’s how it goes in Formula 1.”

The Dutch driver’s response was a direct rebuttal to Hamilton’s call for the FIA to establish a cut off date for teams to shift their focus to the next season’s car. 

Hamilton had suggested that Red Bull’s strong design in the RB19 could give them an unfair advantage if their rivals were unable to divert resources to next year’s model.

Verstappen’s comments shed light on the nature of competition in Formula 1, where teams constantly strive for an edge over their rivals. 

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The dynamic nature of the sport means that priorities shift depending on a team’s performance and goals. 

While Hamilton’s suggestion may have been motivated by the desire for a level playing field, Verstappen’s response serves as a reminder of the competitive nature of Formula 1, where teams adapt and make strategic decisions to maintain their success.

As the battle between Red Bull and Mercedes intensifies on the track, verbal exchanges like these add another layer of intrigue to the rivalry.