Christian Horner opens up on major Red Bull issue

Christian Horner's tenacity and ambition have propelled Red Bull Racing to new heights and multiple championships.

Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner recently shared insights into the challenging atmosphere he encountered when he joined the team back in 2005. 

In an interview for Sky Sports’ ‘Secret to Success’ documentary, Horner revealed his determination to change the mindset and culture within the team, refusing to accept the prevailing lack of ambition.

When Red Bull acquired the team formerly known as Jaguar Racing, Horner, then a young and inexperienced team principal, was tasked with guiding the F1 newcomers towards success. 

At the time, the team faced financial limitations and a fragmented approach to operations. 

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Reflecting on his arrival, Horner described a workforce accustomed to a revolving door of management changes during the Jaguar era, leading some to doubt his longevity.

“What I could see when I came here was lots of department working individually, not collectively,” Horner explained. 

“There’d been a revolving door of management through the Jaguar years, and people became battle-hardened to that. 

“They probably thought, ‘Oh, here’s another one, a 31-year-old kid turning up, he probably won’t last long.'”

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Contrary to expectations, Horner’s commitment and vision proved instrumental in his enduring tenure. 

Over the past two decades, he has steered Red Bull Racing to unparalleled success, second only to the dominant Mercedes team.

Breaking down the prevailing culture was a significant challenge for Horner. He acknowledged the team’s perception of being limited by its budget, leading to a predetermined outcome in the championship standings. 

However, Horner refused to accept this defeatist mentality and set out to transform the team’s outlook.

“It was then a question of winning hearts and minds and changing, breaking down that culture,” he recalled. 

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“The team had a perception of ‘we’ve got the seventh biggest budget, we’ll finish seventh because it’s a sport that’s dictated by funding’. Well, I just wouldn’t accept that. It’s a question of how you apply yourself and how you apply yourself to the task.”

Horner’s relentless pursuit of excellence and his ability to inspire the team have been key drivers of Red Bull Racing’s success. 

Under his leadership, the team has secured numerous championships and emerged as a formidable force on the grid.