Martin Brundle accuses Will Buxton of lying after Brad Pitt snub

Two heavyweights of F1 broadcasting Martin Brundle and Will Buxton have clashed on social media, following Brad Pitt controversy.

Martin Brundle’s grid walks are often a highlight of pre-race coverage, with the presenter speaking to drivers, team principals and celebrities that find themselves on the grid.

This weekend was no different, with a whole host of famous faces on the grid for the United States Grand Prix.

Brundle would particularly have liked to have a word with Brad Pitt, with the actor attending the race to gain experience for his top secret Formula 1 film, however, he controversially snubbed by the Hollywood star.

This was much to the annoyance of Brundle, however F1 journalist and ‘Drive to Survive’ star Will Buxton decided to weigh in on the argument on Twitter, claiming that the media such as Brundle are given a list of every celebrity on the grid and if they’re approachable or not, with Pitt not listed on any of the days he was present.

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Brundle disagreed with this information, hitting back quickly by claiming that this is ‘simply untrue’ and that Buxton was making things up ‘to suit your narrative’.

This clash adds fuel to the debate as to whether celebrities on the grid should be obliged to take part in media interviews, with one Twitter user replying to Brundle to voice their opinion.

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“What annoys me about these celebs, is that every single person in the stands would give their left arm to be able to stand on that grid, these celebs are treated to a huge privilege and the least they could do is take ten seconds to say, ‘great to be here, I’m supporting X person,” they said, in reply to Brundle’s tweet.

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Buxton has now hit back with a screen recording of the ‘Austin GP Talent attending’ document, with Brad Pitt not listed, as he suggested.

It is believed that the actor was not there for the event as such, but to gather information and get a better understanding of the sport, with a Formula 1 film in the works for the American, the storyline of which is yet to be revealed to the public.