Lewis Hamilton warns he might never ‘drink again’

Lewis Hamilton released Almave ahead of the recent Mexican Grand Prix, with it being a non-alcoholic tequila.

Lewis Hamilton has admitted that he might never touch alcohol again, with him having not drunk any booze for the past four months.

The seven-time World Champion made the decision to cut alcohol out of his life to improve his performance, with him “always” looking for ways to become a better driver.

He revealed how he’s cut liquor out of his life whilst launching his non-alcoholic tequila brand Almave, in collaboration with master distiller Ivan Saldana.

Hamilton admitted that when he did drink alcohol he’d “suffer for several days” but that since stopping he’s been “feeling so much better”.

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He doesn’t only feel better for cutting out alcohol, the 38-year-old is also sleeping much better despite still opting to wake up at 5am.

‘​”I’ll suffer for several days—sometimes it’ll be like three or four days,” Hamilton told Vogue on why he stopped drinking.

“I’ve always been looking for how do you get that extra one per cent?

“As an athlete, that’s what you are always doing.

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“I don’t know if I’m going to drink again.

“Since I’ve stopped drinking, I’ve just been feeling so much better, so much more clarity. I sleep better, I wake up in the morning and I can still get up at 5 a.m.”

By creating Almave, Hamilton can still enjoy the taste of alcohol but in a non-alcoholic form, something which helps him maintain a “clear mind”.

Hamilton revealed that the reason for his “relentless pursuit” to make Almave was because he struggled to find a drink for when with friends, something he now has.

“I’ve always loved a good tequila, but on days or nights when I needed a clear mind – either the night before a race or while hanging with friends- I could not find an authentic non-alcoholic option that delivered on the premium quality and experience of my favorite full-proof tequilas,” Hamilton said on Almave’s website.

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“And so began a relentless pursuit to create a non-alcoholic spirit that does not compromise on authenticity or quality.”

Hamilton was spotted drinking it throughout the recent Mexican Grand Prix, even in the media pen when talking to members of the media.

It’s the latest business venture in Hamilton’s career, with him certainly having a significant amount going on away from racing for when he retires.