Machine Gun Kelly hits back after being slammed by F1 fans

Martin Brundle refused to play an air piano live on air ahead of the Brazilian GP following a request by musician Machine Gun Kelly.

American rapper Machine Gun Kelly has responded to Formula 1 fans who have called him “the worst”, following his awkward interview with ex-F1 driver turned pundit Martin Brundle ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix last weekend.

The interview took place during Brundle’s traditional grid walk for Sky Sports F1, a feature which has become part of F1 folklore since the 1997 British Grand Prix.

You never quite know what to expect with Brundle’s grid walks, mostly because it often depends on who he bumps into.

He’s had some truly odd interviews on the grid over the years with various celebrities, with his chat last Sunday with Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) having been added to the awkward pile by fans.

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Brundle’s conversation with MGK was odd from the get-go, with the ex-F1 driver having been forced to repeat himself several times for most questions due to how loud the engines were.

The interview dragged on with music and F1 having been discussed, before MGK tried to get Brundle to do an air instrument duet with him live on camera.

“Can you give me your best air guitar?” MGK asked Brundle, who had no intention whatsoever of pretending to play an instrument.

The ex-F1 driver then pointed out to the musician that he used to play the piano, to which MGK insisted that Brundle plays an air piano instead.

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“Give me your best air piano,” insisted MGK. “Let’s do an air guitar and air piano collaboration right now. Come on! 3, 2, 1. I need keys, I need keys!”

Brundle again had no interest in playing an air instrument and instead wrapped up the bizarre interview.

“I probably need to get on as there are some people I need to see,” Brundle said to MGK, who then walked away and showed a thumbs down to the camera.

“Something tells me I won’t be on his Christmas card list this year,” Brundle comically added.

After the interview, social media became full of posts criticising how strange the interview with MGK was.

Staggeringly, it was revealed during the Grand Prix that the musician had left mid-race, resulting in fans slamming MGK for being “the worst” and showing no interest in the sport.

The musician has since responded to his critics and explained why the “random interview” wasn’t so smooth and how he now hates “being in public”.

“My vibe is ‘the worst’ how?” MGK wrote on X (formerly Twitter) to his 1.5 million followers.

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“Because someone put a microphone in my face essentially forcing me to do a random interview when I was just trying to enjoy an event?

“Because car engines were so loud I couldn’t hear him? please tell me more about why I’m the worst.”

MGK later added: “My anxiety has won. I hate being in public.”