Lewis Hamilton tears into Florida politicians ahead of Miami Grand Prix

Public school teachers in Florida are banned from educating students about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton has publicly criticised Florida lawmakers ahead of this weekend’s second running of the Miami Grand Prix, following the introduction of new anti-LGBTQ measures.

Hamilton has been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ community for several years and has often been the first amongst the Formula 1 paddock to speak out, whether that be vocally or through a helmet design.

In recent years, Hamilton has often incorporated the LGBTQ flag onto his helmet, portraying his support for the community across the world.

He famously wore a stunning rainbow-themed helmet in Qatar and in Saudi Arabia, two nations where same-sex marriage remains illegal.

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In Florida, a law was passed at the end of March for public school teachers to be banned from educating students about gender identity and sexual orientation, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Hamilton is firmly against the bill and will once again be demonstrating his support for the LGBTQ community at the Miami International Autodrome this weekend.

“It’s not good at all,” Hamilton said ahead of the Miami GP, as reported by APnews.com.

“I stand by those within the community here. I hope they continue to stand firm and push back. I’ll have the rainbow on my helmet. It’s no different to when we were in Saudi.”

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Whilst there is no doubting that the 38-year-old is against the new law, the Mercedes icon failed to answer whether F1 should stop racing in Miami until improvements are made.

With the Middle East having an increasing presence on F1, the likelihood is that the Miami GP won’t be disappearing from the calendar anytime soon, raising the potential question of what will the sport’s organisers do to “support the community”.

“It’s not for me to decide something like that,” Hamilton said.

“I did hear and have read about some of the decisions that have been made in government here and I do not agree with it and I do not support it.

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“I really do continue to stand with the LGBTQ community and I’m wearing a rainbow flag on my helmet this weekend and I just really want to continue to support the community here and let them know I stand with them and I hope they continue to fight against it.

“It’s not the people of Miami that are making these decisions, it’s the people in government and that’s the issue,” he added.

“I think, hopefully, all I can do – the sport is going to be here whether I am or not – but the least I can do is just continue to be supportive and just being here and having that on my helmet, hopefully that speaks well to the subject.”