Lewis Hamilton insists F1 can’t become a ‘circus’ amid Las Vegas complaints

Local residents have stressed that they will be delighted when Formula 1 has left Las Vegas.

Lewis Hamilton has demanded that Formula 1 can’t simply become a “circuit that shows up” every year in Las Vegas, following several complaints from local residents.

This weekend’s race in Las Vegas marks the sport’s first in Sin City since 1982, and it’s fair to say the majority of the locals aren’t happy about it.

Unlike 41 years ago, a street circuit has been devised around the iconic Vegas Strip, which building work having gotten underway nine months ago.

With the circuit consisting of some of the busiest streets in Las Vegas, traffic for almost the past year has been shocking for the locals, with four-mile journeys often now taking several hours.

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The locals are seemingly more excited for the sport to leave, rather than for the racing to get underway.

It will be an iconic event, given that part of the track is situated on the Vegas Strip.

The majority of the drivers have spoken about how excited they are for the race, especially as its taking place at night.

Hamilton is one of the drivers who is excited to race in Vegas this weekend; however, he’s acknowledged the impact the sport has had on the locals ahead of the event.

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There is a significant divide between the local residents and the sport, to the extent that Hamilton has pleaded for F1 “to be respectful of the locals”.

He wants to see the sport looking after the residents and ensuring that their lives aren’t disrupted, as the Las Vegas GP cannot by any means become an event which “negatively” affects locals.

Hamilton has stressed that F1 must put on the Grand Prix in the right way to avoid becoming a “circus”, which simply brings three days’ worth of chaos to the residents every year.

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“I’ve heard that there’s been a lot of complaints about the event being here from the locals and I think we have to be respectful of the locals,” Hamilton told Sky Sports F1.

“So many people here are working so hard, there’s a lot of money and wealth in this city and also the places we’re going and this industry so we’ve got to make sure that people are taken care of.

“We can’t be a circus that shows up, that’s all glitz and glamour and people are negatively affected by it, in my opinion.”