Jos Verstappen defends his son

Prior to the Singapore Grand Prix, Max Verstappen had put on an impressive display this season, racking up a record-breaking string of wins.

Prior to the Singapore Grand Prix, some Formula 1 fans had criticised this season for being “boring”, as Max Verstappen and the Red Bull Racing team had dominated the sport.

However, Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, has stepped forward to address these criticisms and emphasise that Max cannot compromise his relentless pursuit of excellence to artificially inject excitement into the sport.

While it is undeniable that Max’s dominance has sparked debates about the competitiveness of Formula 1, Jos Verstappen firmly underscores the importance of Max maintaining his unwavering commitment to success. 

Speaking to Dutch broadcaster Ziggo Sport, Jos Verstappen stated, “He can’t slack off. 

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“He cannot just put a little less energy into it. 

“He has to keep performing 100 per cent at his ability.”

Jos Verstappen’s response comes in the wake of concerns that the sport may suffer from predictability and reduced excitement due to Max Verstappen’s consistent victories. 

In addressing these concerns, Jos Verstappen reaffirms that his son’s dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence should not be compromised for the sake of perceived excitement.

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Furthermore, Jos Verstappen challenges the notion that Max’s success is solely attributed to the superiority of his car, dismissing such claims as unfounded. 

He contends that it oversimplifies the complex dynamics of Formula 1 and fails to acknowledge Max Verstappen’s exceptional adaptability. 

“I think it’s all a little bit bull****,” Jos Verstappen candidly expressed. 

He goes on to emphasise Max’s ability to adapt to new challenges and technologies, suggesting that these adaptations are key to his continued success.

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Jos Verstappen also highlights the importance of a well-balanced car, particularly the necessity of a good front end, in achieving speed and excellence in Formula 1. 

He explains that many accomplished drivers rely on the car’s performance characteristics to excel. 

In Max’s case, he believes that his son’s exceptional skills, including his mastery of the car’s front end, play a pivotal role in his achievements. “I think Max is one of them,” Jos Verstappen affirmed.